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  • Hungry Kitten In Search Of Food Finds Trouble In A Taco Truck

    A hungry little stray kitten wandered into a taco truck searching for food. Unfortunately, drawn in by the enticing aroma, this little girl was blinded by the dangers surrounding her. She ended up stepping right onto the hot grill! All 4 of her paws and her baby belly were burned. We all know that kittens can […] More

  • Kirby the Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

    One of the most heartwarming things that we can hear here at the Cole and Marmalade household is that another precious cat life was saved due to a video we made or story we shared <3 That is exactly what happened to the fortunate feline Calvin, now Kirby, when his future adopters saw our Cat […] More

  • Kittens Cry For Help Inspires Heroic Response

    As avid cat lover and rescuer Jennifer Quinn Yovino recently reminded us, “you just never know what the day will bring”. A recent day for Jennifer turned into the unexpected when after lunch, she and her husband Jim were walking through the alley behind their office in downtown Fresno, CA and heard a tiny cry. […] More

  • A Day at The Cat House on the Kings

    It is our pleasure to introduce you to The Cat House On The Kings (CHOTK). This 12 acre property is the largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center in California for feral, abandoned and rescued cats. In the past 26 years The Cat House on the Kings as rescued over 28,000 cats! Founder […] More