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  • Kitten Almost Left Behind After Sibling Saved 24 Hours Earlier!

    Firefighters from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder fire station in Australia were overjoyed after they rescued a young kitten from between two walls on Monday.  But then they received another call after a woman heard meowing STILL coming from the narrow opening between the walls. There was another kitten who had been hiding throughout the entire rescue of it’s […] More

  • Kitten May Lose A Leg, But Has A Forever Reminder Of Her Fireman Rescuer

    A group of determined fireman stopped at nothing to rescue a young female kitten from a storm drain in Connecticut. When nearby business owners heard meowing Monday, they tracked the sad sound down to a grate behind the buildings. They quickly called the Fire Department and local animal rescue group Halfway Home Rescue, Inc. Having […] More

  • Fire Cats: Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Reunited After California Fires Ravage The State Year After Year

    ‎Fires raging through Santa Barbara County California since Friday evening have caused devastation to more than 80 acres, displacing thousands of residents and their cherished pets.   As of Tuesday, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department reported that 20 homes and buildings have been destroyed. With temperatures registering at 100 degrees, dry-brush is igniting across the […] More

  • Cat Saved From Rubble Of Destroyed Landmark

    Built in 1873, The Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan was the oldest building in the small town. Known for its “Hot Dog Hall of Fame” the names of people who consumed a great number of the bar’s famous chili dogs were inscribed on the wall. A tradition since 1935, the current amateur winner, Belinda, consumed […] More

  • Kirby the Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

    One of the most heartwarming things that we can hear here at the Cole and Marmalade household is that another precious cat life was saved due to a video we made or story we shared <3 That is exactly what happened to the fortunate feline Calvin, now Kirby, when his future adopters saw our Cat […] More