Hungry Kitten In Search Of Food Finds Trouble In A Taco Truck

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A hungry little stray kitten wandered into a taco truck searching for food. Unfortunately, drawn in by the enticing aroma, this little girl was blinded by the dangers surrounding her.

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

She ended up stepping right onto the hot grill!

All 4 of her paws and her baby belly were burned. We all know that kittens can pop up out of nowhere; pouncing on you like they just teleported through space. Seeing a kitten only a few months old while working in the confined space of a food truck was the last thing the workers expected!

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

They contacted The Cat House On The Kings (CHOTK), who stepped in to help the tiny baby. 

She was appropriately named “Burnadette”.

After a visit to the vet today, her fosters received some saddening news. 

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

Although Burnadette is healing as best as possible under foster care, she may have some permanent damage. 

The vet states that she has 2nd & 3rd degree burns on all 4 paws and her stomach. Her front paw may also have nerve damage as a result of the incident. 

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

This has not stopped Burnadette from being the sweetest kitten though. 

Volunteers and fosterers at CHOTK love taking turns snuggling the cute girl. 

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

Eventually “taco truck kitten” Burnadette will be up for adoption through the sanctuary, but for now they are going to keep a close eye on her as she heals. 

Be sure to follow The Cat House On The Kings on Facebook to support Burnadette and all the other felines they save! 

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings


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  1. oh my, that’s one of my greatest fears – cat stepping on a stove (or grill here)!
    glad she received medical help straight away.. Get well, soon, Burnadette! ♥

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