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  • Black Cat Makes Rescuers Work To Save Her Not Once, But Twice!

    A fluffy, long haired black cat decided being saved once was not enough. After being pulled from a dangerous position the first time, she ran right back into her safe spot as soon as she was out of her rescuers hands! Animal Control was contacted when the feral cat was seen hanging out on the […] More

  • Healthy Stray Cat Rescued; But Horrific Discovery Tells Of A Brutal Past

    Megan Sorbara has dedicated her heart and her time to Naples Cat Alliance, a 501(C)3 Non-Profit located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Focusing on TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and rescuing animals from dire situations is a heartbreaking, but heroic lifestyle. Days and nights are filled with an endless stream of felines in need. The horrors of […] More

  • How to Help a Feral Cat Adjust to Being Indoors

    Many people think cats are better off living outside, but between traffic, diseases, aggressive animals, and poisonous substances, cats who stay indoors live much longer than those who stay outside. However, transitioning a cat who has spent most of its life outside isn’t always easy. When you want to help a feral cat adjust to […] More

  • TNR Operation in New Orleans Makes a Difference

    TNR, which stands for trap-neuter-return, is a program devised to humanely deal with the feral cat population in cities. While many cities have found success with the program, New Orleans in particular is discovering encouraging results. Learn more about TNR and the difference it’s making in New Orleans. What is TNR? As the name suggests, […] More

  • How to Help Homeless Cats When You Can’t Adopt

    While adoption is the biggest way to make a difference in an animal’s life, it’s not always a feasible option for animal lovers. Perhaps your spouse is allergic to cats, your landlord won’t allow pets, or you travel too often to keep a pet company. Though this may not be the right time for adopting […] More

  • Two Freezing Preemie Kittens Found Under Oil Painting!

    On March 22nd 2018, two preemie kittens were found frozen and nearly lifeless underneath an oil painting. The siblings were abandoned by their mother, a local community cat who is practically a kitten herself, immediately after their birth. The woman who owns the studio and regularly feeds the community cats, noticed that the small cat […] More

  • Cat Saved From Rubble Of Destroyed Landmark

    Built in 1873, The Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan was the oldest building in the small town. Known for its “Hot Dog Hall of Fame” the names of people who consumed a great number of the bar’s famous chili dogs were inscribed on the wall. A tradition since 1935, the current amateur winner, Belinda, consumed […] More

  • Tiny Kitten Saved From Freezing Conditions!

    As the winter begins to fade and the sun begins to thaw the frozen ground, we in the CaM household reflected on the cats and kittens we were able to save during this frigid time in the northern United States. Many a frosty night were spent buried beneath mounds of worry for the felines that […] More

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