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  • Disabled And Dapper Cat Spreads Awareness For Special Needs Animals

    In case you needed another reason to love watching cat videos on the internet, this is it. Freddie the cat is a rescued black feline who captured the heart of his adopter at just 5 weeks of age. Born with cerebellar hypoplasia–which is the feline form of cerebral palsy–Freddie didn’t have luck on his side […] More

  • These Adorable Special Needs Felines Found The PURRfect Home!

    One family in Staten Island, New York has a lot to celebrate. The DiPaolo family just held a party for their cat Yo-Yo in honor of his 1-year birthday. But this isn’t your average, crazy cat loving family. Joe and Lauren DiPaolo have found themselves caretakers to 6 amazing cats; all special needs felines. Now, […] More

  • Cat Blindly Gives Love After Being Abandoned ~ CaM Kitty Spotlight

    Meet Stevie. This beautiful girl was left on the doorstep of Animal Services by her former owners. Abandoned in her carrier scared and alone, the poor cat had no idea what was happening. Making the situation more heartbreaking, Stevie is completely blind.   St. Francis Society Animal Rescue knew that the shelter was no place […] More

  • Doby Reigning Happily Over His Wobbly Kingdom

    By: Jeanne and Alastair a.k.a. “Doby’s Humans” Doby is a special kitten. He was born with mild cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) and a cleft nose. Because of his CH, he’s a bit wobbly and looks like a bobble-head toy when he’s focused on something. Just under a year ago this little guy popped up on Instagram and […] More