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  • 3-Week-Old Kitten Found Hanging Tied To A Tree By Her Leg

    They can’t be sure how the sweet little baby kitten ended up tied to a tree. She was discovered with a piece of string wrapped around her fragile back leg. Alone and scared, she cried out as she dangled just above the ground. Luckily her cries were heard by some very caring humans. Once rescued though, […] More

  • An Ordinarily Extraordinary Cat Fights To Survive; Overcomes All Odds

    With over 1000 cats living at The Cat House On The Kings in Central California, there are bound to be numerous amazing survival stories. Unfortunately, many of the stories begin with tragedy and trauma. The story of Elle is one of these. Thankfully, her tale continues on a happy path.   Beautiful Elle came to […] More

  • Why You Should NEVER Declaw Your Cat!

    We know that cats like to claw, but when their clawing starts to destroy our furniture, carpets, or skin, we start to look for ways to stop it. While some people will decide to have their cats declawed, this is an inhumane and painful option that should always be avoided… Discover the top reasons why […] More