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  • A Collection Of Fun Facts About Tuxedo Cats

    In case you didn’t know, a tuxedo cat is a domesticated feline that has a black and white pattern to their coat. They are not a breed of cat, but a cat pattern that a cat can have. (Same goes for ginger tabbies, too!) While ginger tabbies are predominantly male, and calicos and torties are […] More

  • Sweet Senior Cat Loves To Take Her Toys For Tiny Excursions

    Often times, female cats–even senior cats–make for excellent caretakers. Not only are they wonderful mothers to their offspring, but they can even care for their purrsonal possessions, too! But really, even male cats can make for sweet and loving caretakers as well. For example, this little clip of a gray kitten hugging his teddy bear […] More

  • Rare 5-Legged Stray Kitten Rescued!

    Animal Control officers in Southern Georgia were shocked when they found a stray male kitten in Tift County in December. The feline wasn’t like the hundreds of others they’ve pulled from the streets though. This was a 5-legged kitten!  Clearly in need of assistance, the 6-month-old black and white tuxedo cat was hobbling due to […] More