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  • 2 Cats Rescued After Being Thrown Away Like Trash!

    A woman taking out her trash in Los Angeles heard something odd near the dumpster. As she moved closer to investigate, a garbage bag carelessly thrown on the ground suddenly moved! Slowly, she untied the bag and found 2 cats inside! She was shocked and appalled that someone would tie the felines up so that […] More

  • VIDEO: Alley Cat Fight Club

      Get the Cat Door here: The Hallway in our new place is now a kitty runway and CAM run up and down it all day (and night!) going crazy! 🙂 More

  • Boarding Your Cat – How To Feel Confident While You’re Away

    Due to their independent nature, cats are fine to stay at the house alone during the day. However, if you’re going on an extended vacation or you have a cat with special medical needs, you may find that a stint in a boarding facility is unavoidable. Use these tips to make sure you’re choosing the […] More

  • How to Make Sure Your Senior Cat Is Comfortable

    Your senior cat may be newly adopted or has been your companion for a large part of your life, and you want to make sure your kitty is as comfortable as possible during the golden years. It’s hard to see your cat suffer in pain and struggle to move around the home. Follow these five tips to […] More

  • 9 Cats And Kittens Rescued From Outdoor Storage Unit Just In Time!

    Wednesday July 18th, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton received a startling anonymous tip. Concerned citizens discovered that cats were being kept in a local storage unit! They sent one of their Humane Agents to investigate the claim and upon arriving at Great Value Storage, the smell of urine was overpowering, even outside the unit. […] More

  • Should You Bathe Your Cat?

    Bathing is something that most cats can do for themselves, but there are some situations where you’ll need to help. The more you know about feline grooming and bathing, the better you can handle this potentially tricky situation. Your Cat’s Capabilities Healthy cats are generally able to clean themselves efficiently and effectively on their own. […] More

  • Artists Hilarious Out-Of-The-Box Take On “Catifying” Movie Posters

    Artist Jaemy Choong has purrfected the “catification” of popular movie posters. Tapping into his graphic design background, he has stepped away from the computer and brought hilariously aligned visions of the magic behind the scenes. He comically describes himself as an “Instagrammawhammer” who “posts poster postcard postings on Instagram“. His social media pages are littered […] More

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