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  • cat eats grass

    Science Says This Is The Real Reason Why Cats Eat Grass

    Your cat starts eating grass, and you know what happens next. If you’re lucky, your considerate kitty will aim for the laminate. For most of us, however, we end up grabbing the rubber gloves to clean cat puke off the carpet. It’s common knowledge that cats (and dogs, too) eat grass to make themselves throw […] More

  • The Cats Trailer Is Out…And We Don’t Know What To Think

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you have likely heard of the long-running Broadway smash, Cats. It’s now coming to a theater near you with a star studded ensemble cast! The film will star many familiar famous voices. These include Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift […] More

  • Lucky Kitty Gets His Own 100 Roll Toilet Paper Party

    If there is one thing that we know cats love, it’s toilet paper. There’s just something about the prosciutto thin paper that draws them in like moths to a flame. For one lucky kitty named Pusic, his owners thought to give him a special treat: 100 rolls of toilet paper to go crazy with! 100 […] More

  • 5 Reasons Why Cats Purr

    For many cat lovers, the sound of a cat purring makes our hearts skip a beat. Second to meowing, this is the most familiarized sound that a feline makes. We all know that cats will purr when they are content. But did you know that there are many other interesting reasons why cats purr? Here […] More

  • Cat Sanctuary Greenhouse Exists In Canada And It’s Purrfection

    As we know from our cats fancying that spot on the window sill, there’s just something about soaking in the sun that our cats love. Did you know that there’s a sanctuary in Canada that helps to give kitties the sunlight they crave? And allows humans to come spoil them with TLC!       […] More

  • Senior Cat With Pica Given Less Than 6 Months To Live; Proves Them All Wrong!

    A family in Canada received devastating news about their 13-year-old cat, Kitty Kitty. She had been found eating plastic, which caused fecal issues and constipation. Even though Kitty Kitty was a senior cat, she was still running around and playing like a kitten. They took her to the vet right away. Not uncommon, many animals experience pica, […] More

  • Does Your Cat Have A Bit Of This Trait? Most Talkative Cat Breeds

    Cats have a reputation for being quiet pets who will only let out a gentle meow to remind you it’s dinnertime. Or perhaps, a quiet hiss if you push your luck and pet them too long. However, the following cats didn’t get the memo. Meet five of the most talkative–and captivating–cat breeds who are loud […] More

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