Special Needs Cat Wins Hearts Of His Adopters…While On Vacation Halfway Around The World!

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An animal loving couple visited The Cat House On The Kings (CHOTK) in Parlier, California back in October 2017. They had no idea how it would change their lives.

Sarah and her husband Luke, were visiting the sanctuary from New South Wales, Australia.

One cat made it his mission to welcome them with open paws.

His name is Bond…James Bond. (Sorry, I had to! HAHA)

Photo: @nashyfromthekings

James was brought to the feline sanctuary back in 2010.

He didn’t find a home as a kitten, perhaps due to his unique permanent condition.

Suffering from a neurological issue due to a broken back, he walks with just a bit of a “wobble and stagger here and there”.

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

So CHOTK was happy to have him stay with their family to live out his life.

When Luke and Sarah walked through the property, James Bond took a special interest in them. 

Posted by Sarah Chelskea on Thursday, October 5, 2017


Later in a plea on her Facebook page for someone to adopt the loving cat, Sarah described their meeting with James Bond.

“While there, the staff explained he was quite good for a while but his mobility was worsening and they had moved him in with the senior cats. James followed us around (clumsily of course) absolutely everywhere, cuddled up on our laps and had such a resilience to life and love that both inspired and broke me.”

“While Cat House has an amazing facility and takes great care of the cats, James really needs his very own home who can ensure his special needs are met.”

Luke and Sarah watched with breaking hearts, as James Bond struggled to climb stairs and carefully travel through cat doors just to get to them.

But his stellar personality outshone his physical defects. 

He is just like any other young cat who absolutely loves to play with toy wands and clumsily chase ping pong balls.

The senior cats at the sanctuary tend to receive less visitors than say, the kitten rooms.

This means that they sadly do not have the exposure to potential adopters other cats have.

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

Sarah and Luke were determined to help James Bond find the purrfect home, even if it couldn’t be theirs.

“We looked into adopting him ourselves but with Australia’s tight quarantine procedures it would be six months and $6,600 US before he could be flown over. The price isn’t so much the issue but we are unsure if he would even be able to make the 16 hour flight given his disability and the stress this would all place on him.”

“Plus we would really love to see him in a permanent home much quicker than six months.”

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

“We are reaching out praying that someone who lives closer can provide James with the amazing home we so wish to give him. We would be more than happy to pay his adoption cost (provided we get updates of course) and help towards the cost for buying pet stairs, ramps, travel from the facility etc for him.”

A week later, they received a call from Cat House On The Kings with some amazing news.

James Bond had been checked out by their vet for a specific possibility.

The vet assured them that IF the foreign couple were serious about adopting him, the odds were in their favor.

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

With his young age and calm personality, they believed James Bond would be fine on a long flight to Australia. 

And by long, we’re talking an estimated distance of over 7,400 miles! 


With no other adoption applications being received, the couple had to admit he was meant to be part of their family.

Distance wouldn’t keep them apart. 

Photos courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings

They waded through mounds of paper work and then waited the required 180 days for adoption and quarantine. 

Adorably, the couple posted happy preparations for their new family member, much like the arrival of a human infant.

There was even a celebratory dinner when they received the news.

His new name would be Nashville.


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K-Mart shopping done right ?. Having fun decorating Nashville’s room ❤️

A post shared by Nashy from The Kings (@nashyfromthekings) on


The weeks and months dragged on…

On July 13th, 2018, Nashville finally landed and set his first pawprint on Australian soil.

An overjoyed new mom and dad carefully opened the travelling crate and welcomed his into their open arms.

Nashville’s Pick up!!!!! ???

Posted by Sarah Chelskea on Thursday, July 12, 2018


Not only does Nashville have the perfect new home, he has sisters too!

Coming from the CHOTK with dozens of other cats to interact with, he is excited to settle in with permanent playmates.


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My new sisters: Cesky and Chelsea ❤️

A post shared by Nashy from The Kings (@nashyfromthekings) on

We are all lucky enough to be treated to updated and photos of them on his very own Instagram page @nashyfromthekings too! 

“I am doing really well! Mummy and Daddy have finally let me loose in the main part of the house with my sisters and they are warming up to me. On the weekend I had my first steps on Australian grass in Mum and Dad’s cat enclosure in the back- yard. I loved it but they told me I only get short supervised visits outside as I am an inside only kitty like my siblings.They say it’s to keep me safe” 

Sarah and Luke reported that Nashville is adjusting nicely to his new home.

He even “prefurs” to sleep on their bed even though he has his own brand new, personalized double bed to lounge on.

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings
So if you live in the area or are just visiting, be sure to add The Cat House On The Kings to your bucket list.

Maybe…just maybe…you’ll find a piece of your heart you didn’t know was missing <3

“Thank you so much again for all your help throughout the process. We will definitely keep you updated with his new life down under. Please give the seniors a massive hug for us as I am sure they miss their buddy. We will make sure Nashville always knows where he came and how thankful we all are for Cat House on the Kings.”

Much love,

Sarah, Luke and Nashy

Photo courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings


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