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  • Allstate Mayhem Goes Cat Crazy In New Commercial

    Cats will be cats, and this is especially true when it’s cats getting those paws dirty with their mischievous behavior. For any cat owner, you know exactly what it means when we say cat crazy. And there are certainly cat breeds, like Bengals, who are more mischievous than others! Knocking things over with their paws, […] More

  • cat eats grass

    Science Says This Is The Real Reason Why Cats Eat Grass

    Your cat starts eating grass, and you know what happens next. If you’re lucky, your considerate kitty will aim for the laminate. For most of us, however, we end up grabbing the rubber gloves to clean cat puke off the carpet. It’s common knowledge that cats (and dogs, too) eat grass to make themselves throw […] More

  • Missing Cat Returns Home After 10 Years Ready To Say Goodbye

    When Jenifer Banis’ cat disappeared 10 years ago, she never thought she’d see the cute calico again. Having originally belonged to her late mother, the cat named Miss Kitty held a special place in her heart. Her mother had asked her to take care of Miss Kitty after she passed away from ovarian cancer, and […] More

  • New Study Debunks “Crazy Cat Lady” Stereotype

    For many of us females who are extreme fans of felines, we wear our “crazy cat lady” badges proudly. I know that for myself, the opinions of others doesn’t matter much to me. And I especially don’t care if someone doesn’t like cats. I’m crazy about them and I am not about to let them […] More

  • Grumpy Cat Mural Proudly Scowls Over Milwaukee City Street

    The world mourned when Internet sensation Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) passed away this past spring. The comically expressive house cat had been the face of countless memes since she first appeared on a Reddit thread back in 2012. She ruled the interwebs with her adorable scowl. And garnered the attention of millions of […] More

  • Australian Town Implements Two Cat Per Household Policy

    How many cats do you have? For myself, I have three—but to be totally honest, I’d love to have more! Most of us cat lovers can agree, cats are better when there’s more to be had! For Australians in the town of Mount Barker (yes, really), cat owners are going to start being limited to […] More

  • 15 Basic Cat Facts You’d Be Surprised People Don’t Know

    They steal our hearts and run our lives, but how much do you actually know about your cat? You might consider yourself an ace at all things cat, but you’d be surprised by how much people don’t know when it comes to our feline friends. They’re complicated creatures, that’s for sure. That’s why we compiled […] More

  • no-kill

    It’s Official–Delaware Is The First No-Kill State

    After years of hard work and endless effort by animal advocates, the U.S. has finally achieved a huge step forward in the world of animal welfare. According to Best Friends Animal Society, Delaware is officially the first no-kill state in the country.  Posted by Best Friends Animal Society on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 In order for […] More

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