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Kitten Found Abandoned in Box with Crackers, Now Subject of Children’s Book!

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In early 2015, a woman found a surprising package on her porch. A young kitten had been abandoned in a box. Moreover, they left the poor soul surrounded by crackers as it’s only food source! Thoughtlessly, the neonate was so young that he was still only feeding from a bottle. So what good would crackers do?!

Photo: Facebook Rockett the Rescue Kitten ~ “Will You Love Me?”

The little boy was named “Cheez-It” and taken to the Cat House On The Kings (CHOTK) in Parlier, CA.

One of their loving fosterers, Cheryl, was happy to accept Cheez-It into her family. He would remain with her until he was ready to be put up for adoption. They do not know where he originally came from, but they would be certain he would never be unloved again.

Photo: Facebook Rockett the Rescue Kitten ~ Baby “Cheez-It”

Right away, Cheez-It squirmed his way into their hearts.

Not only did he get along happily with humans, he wasn’t afraid of the adult felines in his foster home either. The more, the merrier for Cheez-It!

However, there was one precious soul that he bonded with closely though. It was another bottle-baby that was rescued alone. Fostering “singleton’s” can be extra tricky. After all, you want to be sure they get enough feline contact to socialize properly.

Photo: Facebook / @TheCatHouseontheKings ~ Triscuit

In honor of the bond the two baby boys quickly formed, foster mom Cheryl named the new boy Triscuit.

Obviously, Cheez-It and Triscuit overcame any single-kitten syndrome doubts right away. Thank goodness Cheryl takes lots of photos!

Photo: Facebook / @TheCatHouseontheKings ~ Cheez-It and Triscuit

Eventually it came time for Cheez-It to find his fur-ever home.

It is a bittersweet day in a foster home, but one that has to happen so that more needy kittens can experience the good life. CHOTK posted this adorable and humorous ad announcing to the world Cheez-It was ready for his next adventure.

On June 4th, the ripple of fate washed over a happy new family.

Cheez-It was adopted by Jody (Eaton) and Larry Hand. 

*Although many will say “Oh I wish Cheez-It and Triscuit would have been adopted together”, we are just grateful that they were both adopted at all after such rough starts in life. 

Photo: Facebook / @TheCatHouseontheKings

Not only did Cheez-It get a new name, Rockett, he also got a brother, Bronson, and a sister, Lexi!

Photos: Instagram @rocketttherescuekitten ~ Bronson (Black & White) and Lexi

These days, Rockett, with two “t’s” because he’s extra special, is loving life.

He spends most days playing and snoozing with big bro Bronson. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Lexi is happy to observe the young-in’s shenanigans from a distance.

Photos: Instagram @rocketttherescuekitten

Rockett’s life was not the only one significantly altered when he came to live with his new family. Clearly dad Larry has lost his “empty lap” privileges. Can’t imagine he’s complaining at all though. 

Photos: Facebook Rockett the Rescue Kitten & @rocketttherescuekitten

Mom Jody has embarked on an important personal journey, which is now happily being shared with the world.

Jody was inspired to write a book about Rockett’s life story!

Her hope is that his “tail” about going from abandoned to loved, will give foster children hope for their futures.

Photos: Facebook Rockett the Rescue Kitten & @rocketttherescuekitten

The proceeds from the book will go to helping two very worthy causes. Donations will be given to “no-kill animal shelters” like Cat House On The Kings, where Rockett’s life turned around, and to children in foster care.

That dream is quickly turning into reality.

The book was published in June and the first donation of $1,000 was presented to CHOTK on August 6th!

Photo: Facebook Rockett the Rescue Kitten

You can get your copy by visiting the Rockett The Rescue Kitten website @

The story is beautifully illustrated in original watercolors by artist Deanna Bristow. She is happy to show her support further at book signings with Jody. 

Photo: Facebook ~ (R) Deanna Bristow and (R) Jody (Eaton)

Not only has Rockett’s inspiring story gone to print, he also has his own Facebook and Instagram pages!

Nothing wrong with following one more furry-feline making a difference in the world on social media =) So be sure to check him out in all his extremely fluffy glory! 


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Mom please order something in a bigger shipping box! ??

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For instance, when you are blessed with adorable throw-back kitten pics like these <3

So please be sure to check out the amazing work that Cat House On The Kings does for literally hundreds of felines in the area and living at their sanctuary. 


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