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  • Cat Sanctuary Greenhouse Exists In Canada And It’s Purrfection

    As we know from our cats fancying that spot on the window sill, there’s just something about soaking in the sun that our cats love. Did you know that there’s a place in Canada that helps to give kitties the sunlight they crave–and allows humans to come spoil them with TLC!         […] More

  • Senior Cat Given Less Than 6 Months To Live; Proves Them All Wrong!

    A family in Canada received devastating news about their 13-year-old cat, Kitty Kitty. She had been found eating plastic, which caused fecal issues and constipation. Even though Kitty Kitty was a senior cat, she was still running around and playing like a kitten. They took her to the vet right away. Not uncommon, many animals experience pica, […] More

  • Newborn Kitten Saved After Found Abandoned And Covered In Maggots!

    A 2-day-old kitten meowed loudly with the last bit of his energy, hoping someone would come to his rescue before it was too late. Fortunately one family heard the pitiful cry and took action. On July 23rd, Ontario, Canada residents Nina Georgiadis and Peter McGuinness found the tiny baby in the bushes. Peter had seen […] More

  • Missing Cat Reunited With Family After 5 Years!

    An orange tabby cat named Leo went missing one day from his family home in Brampton, Ontario. Sherri Oakley and her family were hosting a party in 2013 when one of the guests mistakenly let the cat out. Normally staying in the yard under close watch, the now unsupervised cat likely became spooked during the […] More

  • RARE FOOTAGE! The Forest Diaries: Strange Tales from the Candian Lynx

    Two Canadian Lynx were found on the side of the road in Ontario, “revving their engines” at each other. This footage of these rare big cats is so shocking and amazing, even experts aren’t 100% sure what is transpiring. Sometimes you just want to scream and yell. Perhaps you are so irritated, the slightest comments […] More

  • 5 Fun Facts About Hairless Cats

    The hairless cat is an instantly recognizable breed that has a unique history. While many people can immediately identify a hairless cat when they see one, they might not know much else about them. Keep reading to learn some interesting and fun facts about this unique breed of cat. They Aren’t Actually Hairless Even though […] More