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  • Two Souls Find Friendship After Both Kittens Abandoned Alone

    Two newborn kittens found themselves in very similar and dangerous circumstances this week. Thankfully each fragile soul was discovered just in time. But then, something happened that wasn’t expected. The two souls craved more than just love and attention to survive. With the lines of fate crossing over the babies, they found that in each […] More

  • Sugar And Spice; Adopt These Two And You’ll Never Have Mice!

    Sugar and spice and everything nice; that’s how these two adorable kittens are described. But then, there’s a bit of emphasis on the “spice” apparently. However, for those that love to romp and play with kittens, that is what creates the most fun.  And the lucky family that adopts bonded girls Poppy and Paprika is […] More

  • Pirate Kitty Betsy Proves One Eyed Cats ARRRH Still Perfect!

    The 19th of September has been dubbed “Talk Like A Pirate Day” since 1995. Fans of the swashbuckling sailors of yesteryear spend this day in costume, spouting savvy slang while three sheets to the wind. Eyepatches over one eye, captain hats and stylish sashes flood the streets. Celebrations of the once criminal behavior have turned […] More

  • Hopeful Transformations Begin For The 182 Cats Saved From Delaware Hoard

    Residents in Camden, Delaware were shocked when a local home was emptied of a hoard of animals living in “deplorable conditions”. The Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) had received reports about the disturbing location. When they listened to the stories reported by the citizens, they jumped into action. This animal abuse was like nothing they […] More

  • Newborn Kitten Siblings Apple And Blackberry; A Rescue That Almost Never Was

    When the average person sees an adorable photo of kittens on social media, they swoon and say “awww”. These baby felines are just about one of the cutest things on the planet; agreed. Announcements with silly names like Apple and Blackberry, for example…only make them cuter. But there is usually an unexpected story that accompanies […] More

  • Kitten Recovering After Being Rescued From Woman Biting Him On The Neck!

    In the world of animal rescue, it seems there is no limit to the abuses animals experience. However, there are some stories that are so shocking, no one would have ever expected it! Animals are treated like garbage, tossed in the trash daily. We hear of them being shot with everything from arrows to darts. […] More

  • Shelters Plea For Kitten Formula Leads To An Entire Troop Of Police Support

    When a plea went out from The Animal Foundation in Nevada for kitten formula, they had no idea who was going to step up and help. Abandoned newborn kittens, or cats of ANY age, should NOT be given cows milk (just in case you are not aware). Occasionally, another nursing mother cat will accept the kittens […] More

  • Fate Leads Woman To Kitten Tortured With Rubber Cement On His Mouth

    Taking care of animals is in Erika Raggio’s nature. As a volunteer at the local 49’ers Saddle Club, the oldest club in Idaho, she spends most of her life around the four-legged. And although her days seem to be regularly busy, September began a bit differently for her. It was on the first of the […] More

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