Kirby the Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

Cole and Marmalade Video Helps Adopters Find Purrfect Match!

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One of the most heartwarming things that we can hear here at the Cole and Marmalade household is that another precious cat life was saved due to a video we made or story we shared <3 That is exactly what happened to the fortunate feline Calvin, now Kirby, when his future adopters saw our Cat House On The Kings (CHOTK) video!

Kirby’s story began as a tiny kitten found cold and hungry in a storm drain. A heroic fireman stepped in and rescued the baby, pulling him from the depths of despair. He was brought to a local Petco who contacted Cat House On The Kings for help.

A foster family that worked with the sanctuary took Kirby in where he was able to spend his days with other fosters in a safe and warm home. According to his foster mom he was “a very sweet little love” and “gets along with all other fur babies and loves to play with all kinds of toys, and especially loves climbing his cat tree. He’s also happy around dogs and kids!”

It was hard to imagine the polished little classic tuxedo boy being in a dirty old storm drain, but that rough time is behind him and a wonderful future awaits.

While Beth Caffrey, CHOTK Donor Relations employee, was filling in at the Adoption Center, she received a call from a potential adopter, Senneca, to learn more about Kirby and his purrsonality. The loving kitten was located in Adoption Room 1 at the sanctuary where a kitten cam is setup so that the family could get to watch his funny antics on the live feed. This was important in this case even more so since they lived 5 HOURS away!!

The CHOTK team sent the family some additional photos of Kirby and they were hooked. They applied to adopt him and set the appointment to make the journey to meet him in “purrson” to see if he was the right fit for their family. He went to his furever home that day!


According to Senneca, “Kirby has a bunch of new toys that he’s very much enjoying playing with and is such a happy, loving little boy. And SO cute!”.

The family dug out a cat water fountain they had in storage that Kirby loves drinking from, just like one he had during his stay at Petco. He’s a social eater/drinker and is always nibbling when his new mom is near his food.

It’s absolutely fantastic that our channel and ameowzing followers are instrumental in helping as many fur-babies as possible find new homes and live quality lives. Thank you to the brave fireman that rescued the tiny soul of a helpless kitten, Cat House On The Kings staff/volunteers for their continued dedication and Sennaca & family for everything that they did to help Kirby!

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