An Ordinarily Extraordinary Cat Fights To Survive; Overcomes All Odds

A Cat House On The Kings Heartwarming “Tail”

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

With over 1000 cats living at The Cat House On The Kings in Central California, there are bound to be numerous amazing survival stories.

Unfortunately, many of the stories begin with tragedy and trauma. The story of Elle is one of these. Thankfully, her tale continues on a happy path.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings


Beautiful Elle came to CHOTK in April 2018 from the local animal control. Sadly she was suffering from a badly broken leg and was pregnant.

It was believed she may have been hit by a car as she was found near a busy intersection. Elle’s outlook was very bleak and the veterinarian team did not expect her to survive. Devestatingly, due to the trauma and later discovering her uterus was ruptured, she lost her kittens and required emergency surgery to amputate her leg.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings


But this strong girl wouldn’t give up. Battling through infections and multiple surgeries, she surprised everyone by not only surviving, but thriving with a will to live!

CHOTK staff also refused to give up on the deserving feline. Cats at the facility are nursed back to health no matter how many visits to the vet that entails, and Elle sure needed rescuers on her side.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings


Elle, the ordinary that is extraordinary, is one of the thousands of triumphs because she wanted to live, she fought to live and she just needed the right help. Her appreciation blossomed as she recovered and her story, that matches many others, is how Cat House On The Kings keep going.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings


In order to give the cats the best chance at being adopted, many times CHOTK’s works with other adoption centers and shelters. Although this means they don’t always get to be there for the adoption moment, they wouldn’t deny each cat and kitten the best outcome/opportunity.

Now Elle is happy, and doing well on her three remaining legs! She is grateful to receive love, treats and all the attention she is given.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings


Elle may not be a crazy special story but she is an all too common one that deserves the spotlight. She stayed alive, she fought to get better, she accepted the many hands and arms caring for her. Then she met a new set of arms to help her on the next “leg” of her journey where she will receive more support to find a furever family.

Thank you also to Purrfect Pals in Santa Rosa, California who were happy to take Elle in to their care.

Photo Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

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  1. This cat has a wonderful purrsinality that shines through the camera lens. Sorry they couldn’t save her leg, but she seems like a fighter, with spirit.
    Especially live the pix with her mouth open – looks as if she is talking!

  2. What a special Kitty. She is very beautiful and sweet. Very determined, I must say. I would think she would easily find a furever home. I would take her in a heartbeat.

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