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  • Hungry Kitten In Search Of Food Finds Trouble In A Taco Truck

    A hungry little stray kitten wandered into a taco truck searching for food. Unfortunately, drawn in by the enticing aroma, this little girl was blinded by the dangers surrounding her. She ended up stepping right onto the hot grill! All 4 of her paws and her baby belly were burned. We all know that kittens can […] More

  • TAKE THE TEST! Is your cat right pawed or left pawed?

    Things you can do to test your cat’s paw preference ⦁ Fill your cat’s puzzle feeder and watch which paw they prefer to paw and grab at the treats. ⦁ Put something sticky and edible on your cat’s nose and observe which paw he uses to wipe it off. ⦁ When engaging in interactive play […] More