• Jinx, black kitten with huge eyes, mayor of Hell for a day

Jinx: Cat With the Biggest Eyes Became Mayor of Hell, MI for a Day

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A cat's eyes are as beautiful as any gemstone and as shiny as the stars in the sky. That's especially true for California kitty

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  • Petfinder Names, wacky pet names

Creative and Wacky Pet Names Shared by Twitter Page ‘Petfinder Names’

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A Twitter page called 'Petfinder Names' posts hilariously wacky pet names found on the online pet adoption website. The idea came when 20-something Jea found

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Neighbors Cat And Dogs Refuse To Leave Man Alone – His “Traumatic” Day Shared With Delighted Twitter Followers

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His Twitter feed focused on something out of the ordinary for John Paul (JP) Brammer this past weekend. JP is the managing editor for

Frankie Muniz’s Cat Causes Destruction, Reflection and Major Life-Changes…All By Turning On A Faucet

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As cat lovers...and human beings...we can likely sympathize to what celebrity, Frankie Muniz is going through in his current life.  Photo: latinofoxnews.com

Doorkins Magnificat; Royal Feline Of Southwark Cathedral…And Her Gargoyle?!

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One cat found herself rescued from the streets and transported to a life of unimaginable splendor. Photo: Simon Pantling and Avanti Media

NEW UPDATES! What Has The “Man Who Found Kittens Under His Bed But Doesn’t Own A Cat” Been Up To?

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WARNING *Some tweets may include vulgar language due to the uncontrollable joy being experienced* You may recall the article we wrote a couple months

NEW #CeilingCat Living In Shelter Reminds Us What The Internet Is Really For.

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You never know what is going to pop up on the internet these days...or apparently out of a ceiling ! https://twitter.com/CampbellxEmma/status/1008987162514206721   That's exactly what

BREAKING UPDATES! Kittens Discovered Under Man’s Bed; But He Doesn’t Own A Cat!

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It wasn’t monsters under the bed that London resident Paris Zarcilla found one morning. He was looking for a jumper, that’s a “sweater” for

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