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  • This Cat’s Life Is JUST Peachy!

    The world is buzzing this harvest season about the adorable cat who just can’t get enough of his favorite fruit, peaches. My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches, and it’s the most delightful thing. They send regular picture updates to the family group chat of this cat just chilling with the peaches. It’s the most important […] More

  • NEW #CeilingCat Living In Shelter Reminds Us What The Internet Is Really For.

    You never know what is going to pop up on the internet these days…or apparently out of a ceiling !   That’s exactly what happened at the Animal Welfare League location in Australia. Emma Campbell, a 21-year-old was shocked when her mothers friend shared the photos he took of the cat when visiting the shelter. Little did […] More

  • BATTLE CATS! – Armed Cat Toys

    What DO you get for the “crazy” cat person in your life? They’ve likely already collected the Crazy Cat Lady figurine. Their bulging closet is FULL of cat related clothing. Cat and feline printed housewares may cover every inch of their home. But what can we almost 100% guarantee that they don’t have…YET? What does […] More