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  • Cat Elected Mayor of Michigan Town; Won Despite “Ruff” Competition

    And the results are in! Congratulations to the new Mayor of Omena, Michigan….Sweet Tart McKee the cat! Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. The village of Omena has elected the gorgeous 9-year-old feline Sweet Tart as their “offurcial mayor” for a 3-year term. After serving on the Omena Village Council from 2012-2015 and as […] More

  • Dehydrated Kitten Rescued From Car Engine On 4th of July

    In Ionia, Michigan, Independence Day this year brought freedom to a young kitten stuck in a fender. During the holiday afternoon, while officers at Ionia Department of Public Safety likely expected to get emergency calls related to fireworks being mishandled, they instead received a call from concerned citizens about a kitten. Meows could be heard […] More

  • Cat Saved From Rubble Of Destroyed Landmark

    Built in 1873, The Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan was the oldest building in the small town. Known for its “Hot Dog Hall of Fame” the names of people who consumed a great number of the bar’s famous chili dogs were inscribed on the wall. A tradition since 1935, the current amateur winner, Belinda, consumed […] More