Neighbors Cat And Dogs Refuse To Leave Man Alone – His “Traumatic” Day Shared With Delighted Twitter Followers

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His Twitter feed focused on something out of the ordinary for John Paul (JP) Brammer this past weekend. JP is the managing editor for The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth. But on March 16th, he received an odd visit from some tenants in his apartment building. The building is in Brooklyn, NY and from JP’s description, seems to leave a bit to be desired. For example, doors are regularly found to be not all that secure, as he soon found out. Followers of JP’s were pleasantly surprised by the traumatic happenings unfolding in JP’s world. It was easy to smile at his frantic tweets that centered around 3 individuals that essentially broke into his home.

The “criminals” just happened to be his upstairs neighbor’s cat and 2 dogs! 

It was your average Saturday and JP was relaxing at home trying to catch up on some work. But then he heard an odd knock on the door. When he peered out to see who was knocking, he did NOT expect who greeted him. 

Clearly not overly comfortable with the strange animals invading his world, it didn’t stop him from worrying about them. He set about to finding their owner, abandoning his work to focus on the intruders. But when he cracked open the door again to join them in the hallway, the cat had other ideas.

It snuck in his apartment and made itself right at home! 

He quickly realized he was outnumbered and decided he needed to take a different approach. 

Locating an open apartment door on the floor above him, he at least found where they’d come from. 

The next few hours were just like a slapstick comedy show or “who’s on first” gag, with JP as the poor butt of the joke. 

He was able to get the shocking skills on video though, showing everyone he wasn’t losing his mind. HAHA

Eventually he accepted his fate and went with the flow of the unfolding folly.

The ginger cat did exactly what cats do, make themselves comfortable wherever they want. 

It didn’t take long for his canine counterparts to take the cat’s lead.

The thing that made it worse for JP, was his overactive imagination. You just never know though!

He recently told BuzzFeed where his thoughts had lead him during the chaos. 

“I was like, ‘Oh god, they’re dead,” he said. “Oh god, the owners are in their bedrooms or something and there’s dead bodies in there and the [Twitter] thread’s gonna take a huge turn for the worse, because where are they? So I was having this panic attack.”

JP did get some help from another resident he found that actually owned dogs as well. 

Thankfully, the events of the day wound down and JP was able to get back to his peace and quiet.

JP happily let out a huge sigh of relief and shared the news with everyone following the story. You can all rest assured though, the owners were NOT dead. They did arrive home to find a very shocked JP though. 

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