This Cat’s Life Is JUST Peachy!

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The world is buzzing this harvest season about the adorable cat who just can’t get enough of his favorite fruit, peaches.


When Lydia Coutre tweeted about her parents cat, Ozzy, on August 1st, she had no idea what she was gifting to the world. Since then, her post has been retweeted over 71,000 times! All because the 6-year-old lynx point Siamese/tabby mixed boy loves the fuzzy fruit.

The family adopted Ozzy back on September 13th, 2013 from the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Michigan. He made it just in time to enjoy the families homegrown fruit before the season ended, usually in late September. Right away, he found comfort in “peach pillows”, the soft skin making the purrfect resting place!

Photos: Instagram Lorraine Coutre


The family tried to put their haul in a safer spot, but Ozzy happily goes where the peaches go. Sisters, Lydia and Lorraine lovingly reminisce about past seasonal silliness. 


Twitter followers flocked to the adorable cat posts, unable to get enough of the sweet boy.



For those speculators out there, Ozzy isn’t necessarily snuggling up to the soft fruit because he’s lonely. He has an adorable younger sister, 4-year old Darcy. The two even have their own Instagram page, run by Lorraine that has more photos and even videos of the peachy-keen cat.

Photos: Instagram Lorraine Coutre

With his purrsonal life going viral, Ozzy has done an amazing job ignoring the hype. He happily goes about his daily routine and isn’t embarrassed one bit by his exposed fruit fetish.


Ozzy’s long love affair with peaches was documented back in 2016 and it’s only become stronger over the years <3


In the welcoming world of crazy cat people, there is no shame in going over-the-top when you find a special soul. Ozzy’s new fans have asked about paraphernalia to honor the new star. Fan art has already surfaced on Twitter and talk of a Peach Cat Calendar sounds like a winning project!


So it looks like there’s no stopping this fluffy feline and his fuzzy fruit, and we are purrfectly okay with that!

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