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  • Hilarious Wedding Photoshoot Reminds Groom Just What He’s In Fur!

    One woman decided to surprise her fiance with the purrfect “first look” wedding photos. The long held tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding, dates back to the arranged marriages of medieval times. This was so that the groom wouldn’t have time to see the bride and change his […] More

  • VIDEO: Alley Cat Fight Club

      Get the Cat Door here: The Hallway in our new place is now a kitty runway and CAM run up and down it all day (and night!) going crazy! 🙂 More

  • Want Warm “Feelies” And Giggles From Kittens Videos? Find ‘Em Here!

    With thousands of videos and photos of our fabulous furry friends uploaded to social media sites daily, it’s hard to narrow your viewing to an “acceptable” time limit. Where do you begin? When do you stop? With no right or wrong answers to these questions when it comes to the black hole of the internet, we […] More

  • Artists Hilarious Out-Of-The-Box Take On “Catifying” Movie Posters

    Artist Jaemy Choong has purrfected the “catification” of popular movie posters. Tapping into his graphic design background, he has stepped away from the computer and brought hilariously aligned visions of the magic behind the scenes. He comically describes himself as an “Instagrammawhammer” who “posts poster postcard postings on Instagram“. His social media pages are littered […] More

  • NEW #CeilingCat Living In Shelter Reminds Us What The Internet Is Really For.

    You never know what is going to pop up on the internet these days…or apparently out of a ceiling !   That’s exactly what happened at the Animal Welfare League location in Australia. Emma Campbell, a 21-year-old was shocked when her mothers friend shared the photos he took of the cat when visiting the shelter. Little did […] More

  • VIDEO PROOF! Hilarious Pup Proves Stereotypes Of Black Dogs & Cats Wrong!

    If you’ve ever adopted a black dog or cat or perhaps worked in an animal shelter, you’ve likely witnessed first hand the plight of our lovely fur-babies blessed with black fur. Superstitions surrounding these gorgeous ebony creatures aren’t just spread around Halloween. Unfortunately many people in the world overlook these beauties just because of their […] More

  • Winning The Internet; Surprised Cat Reacts When She Learns She Is Pregnant!

    Most humans react with a shocked face when learning they are pregnant, but it’s unheard of for a cat to express it. That is until 1 year old female cat Ulla’s reaction was captured! Dyrenes Venner i Grønland, translated as “Friends of the Animals in Greenland”, is a non-profit shelter located in Nuuk who shared the […] More

  • New Breed Of Big Cat Attacks: Urban Grandis Cattus!

    Grabby headline and catch advertising aside…Instagram introduced us to a new cat “species” recently. The Urban Grandis Cattus, or so we’ve unofficially named them. And we couldn’t be happier about the discovery! "Baby Catzilla" . Edited by me Cat model from pinterest . #cat #catsofinstagram #photoshop #catzilla #kitten A post shared by Fransdita Muafidin (@fransditaa) […] More

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