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  • Hilarious Wedding Photoshoot Reminds Groom Just What He’s In Fur!

    One woman decided to surprise her fiance with the purrfect “first look” wedding photos. The long held tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding, dates back to the arranged marriages of medieval times. This was so that the groom wouldn’t have time to see the bride and change his […] More

  • This Cat’s Life Is JUST Peachy!

    The world is buzzing this harvest season about the adorable cat who just can’t get enough of his favorite fruit, peaches. My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches, and it’s the most delightful thing. They send regular picture updates to the family group chat of this cat just chilling with the peaches. It’s the most important […] More

  • Purrfectly Matched Soul Mates Rescue Each Other!

    There are times in life when we find the stars aligning perfectly and the thing that we desire most appears within our reach. Our dreams are answered and all is right with the world. This is exactly what happened to mom Christina Humphreys from Oklahoma, when she stumbled across a social media post of a […] More

  • Sometimes You Grieve Before They’re Gone

    Story and photos by JaneA Kelley I remember the day I realized my cat was really old. She was sitting on my lap, curled up for warmth and comfort, and suddenly I realized just how little she weighed. My once-robust Siouxsie Mew, who had once been threatened with a diet because she was getting too […] More

  • How Cats Say “I Love You” ❤

    Cats say “I Love You” to their humans all the time, but many of us may be surprised by how they actually show this or how often they may be telling us! We’re very blessed that Cole and Marmalade are loving enough to demonstrate the many ways <3 The Flop & Belly Exposure – Many […] More

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