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NEW UPDATES! What Has The “Man Who Found Kittens Under His Bed But Doesn’t Own A Cat” Been Up To?

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WARNING *Some tweets may include vulgar language due to the uncontrollable joy being experienced*

You may recall the article we wrote a couple months ago about the hilarious and exciting news Twitter user Paris Zarcilla shared with the world.

Since then, his Twitter feed has been flooded with adorable cat and kitten pictures while he nervously anticipated the day when mama cat would be checked for a micro-chip. If she was found to have an owner, he may have to return the furry family that he had so quickly fell in love with.

Photo: GoFundMe page; the babies growing more and more adorable each day

To the absolute delight of his now more than 47,000 followers, he has kept everyone close by his side throughout the emotional journey.

“Have been receiving replies to my missing cat poster. THANKFULLY, none of them match. The Gryffindor in me will do the right thing if and when the time comes. BUT my Slytherin self says “THESE ARE MY G**DAMN CHILDREN NOW YOU S.o.B!” I’ll be fine.”

There are just not enough hours in the day to delight in the amount of adorable kitten pictures and posts!

Life as a “cat servant” seems to suit Paris well. As his phone became full of precious feline photos, he was proud to show off his children to everyone.

Every momentous step in the kittens development and daily progress was thankfully documented.

While the new mom doted on her babies, Paris hadn’t received any matches to the numerous posts and inquiries in the area for any missing cats. He knew it was time he had to confirm and check for a microchip.

The world waited with baited breath as he nervously posted tweet after tweet from the waiting room of the veterinarian office.

NOW AS AN OFFICIAL CAT PURRENT, Paris happily accepted the task of helping raise 4 kittens.

Kitten proofing (attempts) began and were met with willing challengers.

But Zarcilla was in for a most unexpected surprise!

After selflessly sharing the entire saga and the unfiltered emotional roller-coaster he had been on with the public, the public was graciously there for him in his new-found role of cat dad.

Twitter fans pleaded with him to set up a GoFundMe page knowing that a new cat owner is often overwhelmed with the financial reality of having an animal, let alone a mama and her 4 kittens!

“I have never been so positively affected by anything. ANY THING.”

“Their purity, their majesty. It’s magic. Frankly, they’ve pulled me from a dark place and in to their light. The daily lessons I learn from them are illuminating, infinite and far reaching. And these lessons are not just about cat fatherhood but also aspects about myself. I’m going to love and protect them until they need me no more and that’s the least I can give them.” ~ excerpt from his GoFundMe page.

They raised an amazing £4,075.00, which is over $4,600.00! 

So now Paris and his furry family are official! He has also decided that “The Queen” mama cat needed a better name…so she will now be known as Forever. We’re really hoping that as his cad-dad transformation and initiation period ends, he will rightfully spell that FURever =)

CONGRATS to Paris, mama Forever, boys Rickon, Jamie and Tyrion and solo babygirl, Lyanna Mormont.


He’s clearly learned the most important thing already. 

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