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  • 10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Cats

    Fall brings with it many wonderful things. The Earth begins to slumber and sheds the old to prepare for the new. Comfy sweaters, bonfires and harvests fill our homes with a heartwarming tingle. And I will happily admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Witches, black cats and skulls invoke feelings just like the “the […] More

  • After 48 Days Apart, This Woman Is Doing Everything To Save Her Beloved Cat

    At the beginning of August, Sunny Green of Tigard, Oreg. cuddled her cat just like any other day. But by August 2, the woman’s beloved feline friend was nowhere to be found. The cat, a fluffy girl named Lois, disappeared from her home leaving no signs of where she went. Her family was devastated, but […] More

  • Target Is Selling Cardboard Haunted Mansions For Cats

    I think it goes without saying that many of us avoid Target for the reason being that we will likely overspend…like a lot. Whether you call it Target or “Tarjay”, it’s an awesome store that has just about anything and everything you didn’t know you needed. But now, cat lovers, there is something that you […] More

  • Fun Astrological Names For Your Pet

    Bringing a new pet into your life is always an exciting time. We’ve compiled a list of pawsome astrological (and even astronomy!) names for pets in case you need any help deciding on one. Check out this Astrological list below… -Atom -Comet -Orbit -Galaxy -Star -Astro -Moon – Luna -Sky -Eclipse -Saturn -Jupiter -Pluto -Nebula […] More

  • Family Of Siamese Cats Rescued From Kill List Due To Ringworm; Look At Them Now!

    Anyone in animal rescue knows there are fungal infections that can quickly spread. One of the most frustrating in cat rescue is ringworm, which spreads quickly between animals and can even be spread to humans! Now ringworm can be cured usually with no serious issues, but there is nothing easy about it. There are intensive […] More

  • Dermatitis In Cats: What You Need To Know

    To us devoted cat owners, our pet’s health is of the utmost importance to us. We never want to see our cats in pain or think about them suffering in silence. Cat dermatitis is a condition that can affect any cat at any age, and is a major cause of concern for a pet parent […] More

  • Purrfect Table For Cats And Their Humans To “Work” Together

    Sometimes when we are working, our cats don’t make for the easiest “coworkers” when they grace us with their presence. My cats will lay right on top of my keyboard, or me, and I know better than to move them since it’s clear they run the show and I’m just a part of it. Here’s […] More

  • Poor Cat Gets Head Stuck In Commercial Rat Trap!

    Early in the morning on Wednesday, January 9th, the RSPCA Cymru received a very strange call to action. At a nearby Premier Inn hotel, someone had spotted a poor cat with it’s head stuck in a rat trap! No one knew how long the cat had been stuck in the trap, but curiosity had sure […] More

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