Successful Adoptions After Austin Shelter Pet Names Go Viral; But Cats Like “Atomic Toaster” Are Still Available!

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After a post went viral on Twitter, the world was left asking, “Who is in charge of naming the poor kittens at Austin Pets Alive!?”. Well thankfully, the shelter was happy to answer that burning question. That is, after the slew of people now interested in adopting felines were appeased. And for a few of the cats and kittens, those fantastical pet names were the key to their futures. But even with the growing attention, there are still some felines waiting for their futures to begin.

Cats like “Atomic Toaster”, whose moniker was a main draw in the post, is STILL AVAILABLE! 

First, the successful adoptions that stemmed from the viral pet names post have to be recognized. 

With the attention of the world at their doorstep, Austin Pets Alive took advantage of the “oppurrtunity”. The buzz created by their odd names was enough to get a few of the most uniquely named cats adopted! 

Last week, lots of APA! kittens with unusual names enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. Congratulations to IPod, Synthesis, Pantsuit, and others who found their forever home after going viral!

With thousands of felines being cared for by the shelter each year, there will certainly be more exciting names to come.

Be sure to check out all our favorites we found while scrolling through their website. And please let us know if you adopt one–or more!

I’m just absolutely baffled that cats like “Atomic Toaster”, whose name excited so many people, still doesn’t have a home. Let’s get him adopted!!! 

You might have heard of Atomic Toaster in the recent social media frenzy about how APA! names their cats and kittens; he found himself front and center on the list of the funniest, atypical cat names. But our little Atomic Toaster would trade all those tweets, posts, shares, articles, and notoriety for even one loving human he could call his own.

You see, Atomic Toaster is a shy boy, and being in the spotlight made him uncomfortable. He is more of a behind-the-scenes kitty! He was originally adopted as a kitten, but was returned due to his cautious and bashful personality. Being in the shelter scared him and made him sad, so now he is in a foster home with a loving foster mom who is seeing him bloom and blossom!

And who wouldn’t want to be owned by a feline overlord named “Tiny Query“?

Many shelters and foster programs see the same pet names over and over again, making paperwork a nightmare.

Photo Screenshot from Austin Pets Alive

Here they know it is just not feasible to reuse names with no rhyme or reason. So they came up with a genius solution to naming the many, many animals. After the post went viral, they were happy to share their process that goes into these amazing names.

Photo Screenshot from Austin Pets Alive

It’s much easier to find Atomic Toaster in our system versus searching through 20 different cats all with the same name. We believe the more unique the name, the better, because it ensures you’re talking about the right cat.

As far as the numbers behind the name … no, we aren’t talking about the 4th version of the iPad.

It’s the way we keep track of how many litters of neonatal kittens we receive a year! Our process is very similar to how the World Meteorological Organization name hurricanes.

Each kitten in a litter gets a name with the same letter. This helps us organize and know which kittens belong to which litter. Each January we start at A and work our way through the alphabet. The number behind the name represents how many times we’ve been through the alphabet that year. We usually go through the cycle around 30 times. Glycolysis 6 means we were on our 6th round of G names this year when she received her name.

Some of my favorite may be when they just get a tad lazy with the names still.

Or perhaps when they are stretching to fit them into the same starting letter? HAHA

There are some people that believe the crazy names are given for another reason.

If a foster parent gives a kitten an “odd” name, they are less likely to bond with them. Ask ANY fosterer if this is true, and you will get an astounding no. When they stop laughing that is…

Concerns have been expressed that we name them these weird names so we don’t get attached. This is actually a myth! Names don’t stand in the way between feeling a connection towards an animal. We name every cat that comes through our doors, whether that be a neonatal kitten or a barn cat – even our own feral cats get a unique name based off of their personalities.

It’s our way of honoring them as living beings. Naming things, no matter how strange the name, is a bonding experience.

What of those people who believe these rare and often silly names deter people from adopting those cats. This also couldn’t be less true! And the recent viral reaction to the Austin Pets Alive pet names is a sure indicator of that. 

The names draw people in to meet the cat, and whether or not they decide to change them, we bet they always remember the name that first bonded them with their fur baby.

So which goofy name stands out to you the most?!

All of these cats and kittens here are available on the Austin Pets Alive website HERE. Whether you’re looking for a new furry family member for your home or just need a smile, they’ve got your answer.

Maybe you already have an ameowzing name for your cat?

We’d love to hear it, so be sure to share your unique pet names in the comments!

Photo Screenshot from Austin Pets Alive

I know we sure got a lot of “flack” because we named one of our newest female family members Juggernaut. But it fits purrfect since she barreled her way into our hearts!

Photo property of @juggandzigzag


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