Former “Feral” Barn Cat Finds Surprising Best Friend; The Two Couldn’t Be More Adorable!


A few months ago, 2 feral cats were adopted out of the Love Your Feral Felines Barn Cat program. The plan was to provide a home for the two needy cats while they would help control the rodent population on the property.

What one of the cats did next surprised them all! His “feral” nature gave way to a sweet, gentle giant who instantly bonded with their little boy.

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

When the cats first arrived, the 20-pound black cat was showing all the signs of a rough life on the streets. He had cuts all over his face, likely from fighting, and the family were so intimidated by his look, they were scared to go near him. (Side note: LOVE that even looking like this, they welcomed him to their family!).

The boy was so dirty looking they originally named him Mange. After seeing his true purrsonality shine through, they happily renamed him “Big Guy”.

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

Each LYFF’s barn cat adoption requires the cats are at least adopted in pairs, if not more. They will be cats who have formed a bond or at least get along with each other. The move will then be less traumatic and the adjustment to their new home easier if they have the security of one or more trusted companions.

The second cat is a beautiful girl that they named Mayhem. She is truly wild and does not allow human contact at all, even though she comes close for food or to oversee the daily happenings. 

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

Mayhem’s favorite spot is tucked safely between the fence that separates the home from the neighbors property. They know she is feral to the core, but no less deserving of a home.

“She is wild! But she is happy and safe and that’s all that matters.”

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

So while Mayhem is safe and secluded, Big Guy is happy to indulge in playtime with his favorite mini-human, Nixon. 

Running through the yard, the two boys adorably check on the other animals.

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

Nixon has decided that Big Guy needs to be fed from his toy truck, and Big Guy is just fine with that.

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps

Apparently his large stature is due to his love of food, and he is regularly caught trying to eat corn on the cob. Although he is not overweight; he’s just a very solid big boy! He towers over the families 3 dogs as well.

Even though Nixon and Big Guy are about the same size now, we’re sure their bond will only strengthen as Nix grows.

Be sure to follow the duo on their Instagram page

Photo: Love Your Feral Felines / @nixandnaps




  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. We truly adore these two cats and would love to update you that Mayhem is becoming braver each day with our family. These cats are incredible and so fun for Nixon.
    Nixon’s mama

    • Oh that’s wonderful news! Please keep us updated on our Facebook page for these lovely cats and adorable story. Lots of happy purrs to you all!

  2. It sure is incredible how a feral cat can turn around given the chance. I didn’t see if LYFF requires spaying and neutering but it would seem likely. Sometimes fixing cats can calm them down. One of my cats wasn’t feral but he kept showing up and he bit at least 5 people. Well after neutering he hasn’t bit anyone. Thank goodness. I sure hope these two continue their friendship for a very long time.

  3. I am currently feeding 9 feral cats. It is so good to see an organization who adopt out these cats! Beautiful story! Some of my ferals are unable to be touched but some are very affectionate and love to be petted on their terms. Thanks for this post!

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