8 Signs Your Cat Loves You

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Love is great when it is a mutual thing. And who else would we want to love us back than our cats, right? If your cat displays any–or even all–of these signs, consider yourself truly lucky. For when your cat bestows their love upon you, it truly is furever. Here are 8 signs your cat loves you…

Let me Bump My Precious Head Upon Thee

Cats are territorial creatures by nature. In the wild, cats will not be shy about marking their territory as a means to show other cats that this is their turf, and nobody else’s. But for humans or objects they favor, they will “mark” in another way, known as “head bunting.”

“Cats do this to deposit facial pheromones on people or objects in their environment,” says Dr. Meghan E. Herron, DVM, DACVB.

When your cat gently rubs their forehead (or even the sides of their face) against you, this not only “claims” you as theirs by leaving their scent, but it serves to release happy endorphins–for the both of you! Want to show them that you care in kitty language? Join foreheads or cheeks!

Fun fact: Even lions practice this behavior, too! Isn’t it amazing how much our domestic kitties are like their big cat brothers and sisters in the wild?

Hey, Look What I Can do!

Okay, so this one may not apply if your kitty is strictly indoors. Often times, a cat will bring you a gift by way of dead rodents or insects as a token of their affection and esteem. But don’t get too flattered, human. Some experts suggest that this action actually means that they think of you as a lousy hunter. Either way, if your cat brings you their hunts, it’s their way of showing off to you–whether that’s by way of love or wanting to make you proud of their achievements. We may get our friends and loved ones actual gifts, but remember that your cat is a natural-born predator so giving you their kill is really one of the nicest gestures they can dole out to you.

Eye Contact With The Purffect Slow Blink

We know that cats are not naturally trusting beings. A cat is not likely to flash their belly, and they are also not the type to hang out with their eyes closed in a room full of people. If you happen to watch your cat, and see them slowly blinking, well then you’ve just gotten yourself a kitty kiss! Slow blinking is one of your cat’s ways of showing you affection, and they do so to show you that they are truly happy and at peace in your presence. For your cat, closing their eyes in your presence is the ultimate sign of trust. Do you feel the love yet? You should!

Want to catch your feline friend with a furriendly surprise? Hit them back with a slow blink in return next time they send one your way.

Can You Hear My Motor, Baby?

Ah, the power of the purr. Although there’s a widespread belief that cats only purr whenever they are happy, this is actually false. A cat’s purr is mighty and powerful, and can be used in time of stress, pain, happiness, and even for self-healing. If you find that your cat purrs while in your lap, with their eyes closed, stroke them gently and enjoy this sign that your cat loves you. Cats are loyal to the ones that they love, so you’ll find that these loving purrs are a common occurrence that takes place when the two of you spend time with one another.

Is This Seat Taken?

I think it goes without saying that cats love to sleep. This is an animal that is not one to shy from their beauty sleep–and usually the chance to score some calm, quiet, uninterrupted sleep ranks high on their to-do list. If your cat chooses to lay or sit with you, or better yet, on you, this is a big deal, human. Cats are opportunistic by nature, so if these choose to forgo that optimal shut-eye for a chance to be in your presence–consider it a huge honor and sign your cat loves you.

Oh, Human, I “Knead” You!

Does your cat like to come and make biscuits on you whenever you’re sitting/lying down? This may be an immediate sign it’s time for a nail trimming, but it’s also a telltale sign that your cat loves you! If your cat is feeling nostalgic and affectionate, they will resort to this baker’s man move to remind them of the time when they were a wee kitten nursing from their mother. But it’s important to note that if this kneading habit becomes obsessive or neurotic or they do this behavior while suckling, this can be a sign that your precious cat was weaned to early from its mother. Be careful to watch and be sure that your cat doesn’t ingest fabric while suckling because this could make for a trip to the vet’s office.

Let Me Trill My Little Heart Out For You

Cats use their meows to communicate with their humans. They typically reserve other sounds as a way to communicate with their own kind. But a trill sound that a cat makes, do you know what those sounds mean? This is a sound that a cat makes when they are feeling content, and it often is used as their “greeting” to the humans that they admire.

If you’re not exactly sure what it sounds like, these two kitties trilling away will give you a better idea…

You’ve heard that pleasant sound before from your cat, right? See, that’s just further proof that you’re the one that they love!

The Tail is a “TellTail” Sign of Love

If your cat is your #1 fan, they may use their tail as a way to rope you in. Has your cat ever wrapped their tail around you as they walked around your legs? If so, this is a sure sign of affection! A happy cat will also tip their tail back and forth, so keep a watchful eye to the motions their tail makes when your cat is in your presence. 


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