Hilarious Wedding Photoshoot Reminds Groom Just What He’s In Fur!

The long held tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding, dates back to the arranged marriages of medieval times. This was so that the groom wouldn’t have time to see the bride and change his mind. Ahhh…feel the romance! But one woman decided to surprise her fiance with the purrfect “first look” wedding photoshoot. 

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

Erin, a 25 year old school teacher in Scottsdale, Arizona, wanted the moment to be even more memorable for her fiance Ean Goldberg. A few weeks before the ceremony on November 11th, 2017, she reached out to photographer, Molly McElenney.

Her request was one Molly hadn’t received before. Erin wanted to do a “fake” first look wedding photoshoot.

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

So on the morning of the wedding, as last minute adjustments were made and the buzz of anticipation coursed through the air, Erin was adding the finishing touches to her ensemble. She and Ean had been talking about her wedding dress and Ean was excited to see his future wife in her gorgeous gown.

Knowing Erin doesn’t dress up often was going to make her stunning beauty on their wedding day all the more breathtaking.

Ean stood with his back to Erin, about 10 feet apart. They both buzzed with excitement for the reveal. And when he turned around to view his bride, he never could have imagined the shock he’d receive.

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

When they decided to merge their lives, Ean already knew that Erin loved to prank him and they enjoyed laughing at life together. This time, Erin was sure they would both need this “ice-breaker” to calm their nerves and wedding jitters.

She donned her most comfy and true to her nature outfit instead of the mysterious wedding dress. A pair of old grey sweatpants, white sneakers and her “stupid cat shirt” purchased over 8 years prior!

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

Ean’s initial reaction was exactly what Erin had hoped for; shock, laughter and love.

Later, Erin told Yahoo in their Lifestyles piece, “We will remember how much pressure it took off the rest of the wedding day process having started off with that hysterical, laughing moment that just the two of us shared.”

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

We just think that is absolutely purrfect! And regardless of what she was wearing, Ean proclaimed “She still looked drop-dead gorgeous.”

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

Erin decided that their joke was best left for them and their special moment so was happy to leave the t-shirt and sweats out of the actual ceremony. She changed into the long anticipated gown and they finished their photo shoot the old fashioned way.

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

Photographer Molly was thrilled to be a part of the couple’s touching moment as with any of her subjects. Sharing the photos on her Instagram page, she captured the emotional and stunning beauty of the couple perfectly. 

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

“My job is the best job in the world – photographing people at the biggest moments in their lives. Traditional portraits are not my jam, so if that’s what you’re going for, I might not be exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s okay! But if you want to run around and snuggle with your babe, twirl your hair, laugh at my horrible jokes and bump to some music while we make some gorgeous memories, I’m your girl!

Congratulations to these two adorable newlyweds and coming up on their 1-year anniversary in a few months, maybe we’ll see some more feline related celebratory fun?! <3

Photo: Instagram Molly McElenney

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  1. What a great idea. Quite a laugh, I’m sure that was. To start with some comic relief on that special day definitely would take some of the stress out of everything.

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