(With Adorable Updates!) One Extraordinary Cat Has Taken The Internet By Storm! Bailey And His Love For His Human Sisters

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One 13-year-old cat is taking the world by storm. Meet Bailey; truly no ordinary cat.

This loving ginger Tabby chose his furever human Erin Merryn, back in 2004 when she was in college. Unfortunately, the dorms she was living in did not allow pets, but that didn’t stop her from sneaking him in!

Photo: YouTube screenshot; Baby Bailey before being busted in the dorm

When she and Bailey were busted a week later, she had to make a difficult decision. She was forced to give him up. The sweet cat that had won her heart was placed into another home with an elderly woman.

The forced decision broke Erin’s heart. When the winter break from school approached, she received an update on Bailey and his new home. He was not fitting in well with the woman’s other animals.

Erin now had a month off of school to convince her parents that Bailey belonged with their family. With 2 other felines and a dog at home however, this was going to make her task very difficult.

Photo: Facebook Erin Merryn

Luckily she won mom over and states that although dad never officially “appurroved” the addition to the family, Bailey was welcomed into their home!

As life progressed, Bailey and Erin bonded closely through their journey.

When Erin became pregnant in 2014, she worried that the new baby would affect their relationship. She was right, but could never have imagined the amazing and positive way in which it did!

Bailey took to her new belly bump with all the brotherly love in the world.

Photo: Facebook Erin Merryn

When baby Abby was born, Bailey immediately claimed her for his own and doted on her every minute.

This extraordinary feline was by her side for every momentous occasion in her development.

As Abby grew, she and her new best friend Bailey, shocked Erin with their bond and gentle nature towards each other. Fortunately for the world, Erin captured the unbelievable moments on camera and has happily shared.

The adorable duo snuggle together during nap times.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Bailey calmly allows “Dr. Abby” to attend to his veterinary needs.

The family was then blessed in 2016 with another addition, sister Hannah. And true to form, Bailey welcomed her with open paws.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Now, the sisters and their brother Bailey are winning the hearts of the world through their innocence and pure love for each other.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Time for school and bath time
Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Story time and the trio on “bunny watch”


Never was there a more chill cat.

Bailey happily allows the girls to indulge in dressing him up and lavishing him with love…and spa days!

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat; Bailey not ashamed to live the princess lifestyle.

Serenades fill the air and holiday memories are celebrated as a beautiful family.

Photos: Facebook @noordinarycat & Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

He attends “school” and looks like he may be the most attentive student this day.


Bailey now has his own Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages as this “anything but ordinary cat” is thrust into stardom. When Erin shared a video of Abby reading to Bailey, there was no stopping the public from falling head over heels with the siblings.

Be sure to follow Bailey’s on social media…that is, IF you can handle the most adorable photos and videos without your heart exploding!!!

And with baby #3 on the way, there are only sure to be even more overwhelmingly precious pics to come.


Three pregnancies! Bailey likes to photobomb my bump photos. #baileynoordniarycat

A post shared by Bailey No Ordinary Cat (@bailey_no_ordinary_cat) on


When we last left Bailey, the family was awaiting the birth of the next human baby in the house.

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

What was even more exciting, was that the family chose not to find out the sex of the baby as Erin posted on the Facebook page. Love the surprise factor!

“It will be interesting to see how the girls react to meeting their new baby sister or brother. They both want another sister. We never find out gender of baby. I love the surprise of not knowing. I come from a family of only girls (3 of us) my husband has 4 sisters 1 brother, and we have two daughters so it would be interesting to see if we get a boy or not. Either way I already have my boy he just happens to be a fur baby.”

Bailey happily snuggled up to mama’s belly, loving the comfy pillow with a heartbeat.

The adorable cat will be 14-years-old on October 24th, so he was anxiously awaiting HIS early birthday gift.

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat


Then on October 2nd, 7 lb, 4 oz. Claire Joy officially joined the family. Another sister for Bailey to open his heart too! <3

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

And it didn’t take long for him to do so either!

The special boy’s Instagram, which just hit 60,000 followers a few days ago, has been overjoyed at the new pics.

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Bailey has welcomed Claire into the family with open paws, even if she wasn’t the brother he’d hoped for.

The two have a LOT in common….napping experts being the primary bonding activity.

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Sisters Abby and Hannah are thrilled with another princess in the family. 

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

From the look on baby Claire’s face, she was certainly born with the cat lady gene! 

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Congrats to the family, 2-legged and 4-legged, on the new addition. 

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

Be sure to keep an eye out for his 1st book, Bailey No Ordinary Cat, being released in April of 2019 too! 

Photo: Facebook @NoOrdinaryCat / Instagram @bailey_no_ordinary_cat

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