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  • Rare Male Tortoiseshell Kitten Picked Up As A Stray In The UK

    Every cat is unique and special, there’s no denying that. But scientifically speaking, a male tortoiseshell cat is very special. And why is that? Well, because the genetics that control their coat pattern also controls their gender, and those chromosomes are what causes them to be female 99.9% of the time. But just like Jeff […] More

  • 5 Fun Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats

    Written By: Melissa Lapierre – Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my home with a trio of torties, Tara, Truffles, and now Mudpie. To say my days have been brighter because they’re in it would be an understatement. Of course cats just make life better in general, but there’s something […] More