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  • Black Cat Makes Rescuers Work To Save Her Not Once, But Twice!

    A fluffy, long haired black cat decided being saved once was not enough. After being pulled from a dangerous position the first time, she ran right back into her safe spot as soon as she was out of her rescuers hands! Animal Control was contacted when the feral cat was seen hanging out on the […] More

  • Kitten Plummets From The Sky After Attacked By Bird Of Prey!

    Occasionally, odd things fall from the sky, even unfortunate ground dwelling animals! Although not as bizarre as a 600 pound cow falling on a car …yes that DID happen, smaller animals are often in the same plight. One of the most common small animals that may find themselves in this situation are poor tiny kittens. […] More

  • Feral Cat With Shocking Matted Fur Rescued!

    Sometimes working with feral cats and TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs can bring you the unexpected. That is exactly what a local team in McHenry County, Illinois, experienced when they successfully trapped a feral cat in the community. Unfortunately the caretaker for the colony was not keeping up the maintenance and the animals needed to be removed, […] More