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  • Cat Elected Mayor of Michigan Town; Won Despite “Ruff” Competition

    And the results are in! Congratulations to the new Mayor of Omena, Michigan….Sweet Tart McKee the cat! Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. The village of Omena has elected the gorgeous 9-year-old feline Sweet Tart as their “offurcial mayor” for a 3-year term. After serving on the Omena Village Council from 2012-2015 and as […] More

  • P.E.P. – Pet Education Project

    How do “crazy cat” women and men become the way they are?! By being “crazy cat” children of course! Educating children on the importance of responsible pet ownership is exactly what the Pet Education Project, also known as P.E.P, has at the core of their mission. This ameowzing organizations goal is to “strive to foster […] More

  • Household Hazards For Cats

    Cats are curious by nature and investigate their environment by smelling and tasting; which can be very dangerous! There are so many hazards in and around your home, purrlease do whatever you can to keep your fur kids safe. Remember prevention is better than cure! WHY ARE THESE SO DANGEROUS? Human medications – pain killers, […] More

  • “Ghost” Cat Returns After 14 Years!

    Florida’s oceanic East coast is threatened yearly by mother nature with tropical storms and possible hurricanes, making residents acutely aware of the need for emergency preparations. What of those families with pets as well? The most heartbreaking thing to happen would be to not only lose your belongings, but a beloved fur-baby escaping during these […] More

  • Animal Rescue – Hout Bay Fire, South Africa

    Leigh Morris a Cole and Marmalade fan who lives in Cape Town, contacted us this week asking if we could help raise awareness about the tragic situation in nearby Hout Bay. I asked her to write about what happened, we’ll be donating to help and when I visit South Africa later this year, I’ll be […] More

  • Cole and Marmalade Community

    Would YOU like to live in a safe pet friendly community? Sugar Grove Station is a wonderfully maintained, practically self-sustaining community nestled in the West Virginia mountains. The community would be great for family professionals who work from home and people who would like to retire and have the resources to support themselves. This former naval base that was retired […] More