Household Hazards For Cats

Pet Safety 101 – Poison Prevention Week

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Cats are curious by nature and investigate their environment by smelling and tasting; which can be very dangerous! There are so many hazards in and around your home, purrlease do whatever you can to keep your fur kids safe. Remember prevention is better than cure!


Human medications – pain killers, anti-depressants, cold medicines and dietary supplements can all be deadly. You KNOW how quickly your cats can, and will, pounce on something dropped in front of them…and this unfortunately includes pills. Be very cautious and keep your cat out of the room if possible when dispensing medications. If your cat is one of the geniuses that can open cabinet doors, be sure to install childproof latches just to be extra safe!

This goes for chemicals and poisons that are in your cleaning supplies as well… More often than not, these are kept under your sink or in a low cabinet. Ingestion or even inhaling of these products can cause irreparable damage or death. Be wary after you clean an area as well and either block it off from your cats or as we do in the example of cleaning your counter tops; go back over the chemically cleaned area with a wet rag to remove the hazardous products that can be licked off their paws later.

Foods – Most cat servants know keeping your feline away from your food can be a chore in itself but these items are especially dangerous to your fur-baby: grapes, raisins, avocado, garlic, onions, bones from chicken/turkey, chocolate, Caffeine and other stimulants, alcohol, dairy products can cause digestion issues, tuna made for human consumption and Xylitol (gum). This last product has been proven to cause issues in dogs and although not necessarily the direct cause for feline issues, it’s better safe than sorry yet again.

Flea and tick products for other species. These dosages are specifically designed for certain animals and when using a dog treatment for cats, it can cause skin issues, many illnesses and death.

Many everyday items around your house are very dangerous objects to animals. Rubber bands, hair ties, Q-tips, yarn, dental floss, ribbon, toys with strings, etc… can all cause intestinal blockage that may require surgery to remove and that is in the lucky animals that survive this. Plastic bags can be a special cause for concern as they can cause blockage, suffocation and/or strangulation.

Other household items that you need to be aware of include:

If your windows have blind cords, please be sure to tuck them up so that they cannot be chewed or cause strangulation. Window screens should be checked to ensure they are secure and in good condition. The washer and dryer can be very seductive spaces for cats to hide as they are dark and quiet. You should always close these when not in use and double check them EVERY TIME you are doing laundry to avoid tragic accidents.

Wires are an obvious hazard that are littered all over our houses. Cats can chew on these when bored, stressed or if they have dental issues. Use tubing or raceway to cover the wires and/or spray deterrents to keep them away from any exposed wires. Provide safe toy alternatives whenever you see your cat showing interest in these areas as well.

Indoor plants or flowers can be especially fatal to animals. Here is a link to a great site that has the full list of toxic plants for animals.

Special occasions and holidays can bring not only joy but another host of dangerous items your pets have access to. Holly and Mistletoe, Poinsettias, Lilies, Christmas trees and more specifically the water bowl if you have a live tree can be drunk by animals and cause illnesses. Decorations such as tinsel, ribbon, balloons, candles, snow globes and light strands should never go unsupervised.

Fireworks during celebratory holidays are almost guaranteed to terrify your pet. Try to keep them occupied with play time, treats & ambient noise and provide a safe, quiet retreat for them to escape to. Sadly, many people have to also resort to calming chews and sprays just so their poor fur-kids can calmly make it through the light shows.

Uncontrollable emergencies such as your home catching fire – we’ve found a great product that you can use which is the pet alert stickers for emergency responders. Placed on the entrances of your home, they indicate the number and type of animals residing within so that if you’re unable to tell them or not home, they will know what to look for. They also have cards to keep in your wallet so should an accident occur while you are out, someone will know there are animals at your home requiring assistance too.

Find the PET ALERT stickers here: STICKERS

This article & the video don’t contain every little thing that can be hazardous to your cats, so please use common sense and check out the links in the video to learn more… Complacency Kills! =(

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