Stray Tortie Kitten Takes “Pawlitics” Into Her Own Paws; Elects First Family of North Carolina As Her Own

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While millions of voters were preparing to head to the polls today, this week marked a different milestone in one young kittens life in North Carolina.

An adorable little Tortie girl wandered into the garage of the North Carolina Executive Mansion.

Photo: Facebook / The North Carolina Executive Mansion

Purrhaps she knew the First Family of Gov. Roy Cooper were avid animal lovers? “FURst” family so to speak? 

Whatever her reasons or fate’s timely intervention were, she certainly made a wise choice.

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

When she was discovered hiding alone, the family was quick to scoop her up.

They have no idea where she came from or how she made her way into the home.

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

She was named “Jennyanydots”, after a literary character later turned into a broadway star.

Jennyanydots is a fictional character in the poem “The Old Gumbie Cat” from T. S. Eliot‘s collection “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats“, and the later musical play Cats based on it.”

“She is described as being an old Gumbie cat. During the day, the family thinks she is lazy because she sits around doing nothing (“She sits, and sits, and sits, and sits. And that’s what makes a Gumbie Cat…”) but when they go to sleep, she goes to work, forcing the mice to learn music, crocheting, and tatting. She even thinks the cockroaches need employment to counter their destructive habits, and so she created a beetles tattoo, teaching them how to tap dance.” ~ Wikipedia

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

So far, Jenny for short, is living up to her name as they state on the First Pets of North Carolina Facebook page.

“She’s friendly, talkative, and enjoys “hunting” certain patterns on the carpet.”

First Lady, Kristen Bernhardt Cooper, was quick to assure everyone they took the proper precautions before introducing Jenny to the other beloved fur-family.

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

“We took her for a thorough check before letting her around our other cats, gave her a bath to get rid of the fleas, and signed her up for a vaccination and spay plan.”

Now the Tortie is living in the spotlight with the other fur-babies in the mansion.

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

Furtunately, we are all able to follow their daily antics on the First Pets page.

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

Jenny’s new siblings include the sleek house panther, brother, Alexei (Alex) Cooper.

Jenny will have a furry big sister, Adelaide (Addy) Cooper, to show her the ropes in the home.

And last but CERTAINLY not least…rescue brother and reigning canine of the home, Benjamin (Ben) Cooper.


This mixed family of rescued and adopted animals were not the first to call the Cooper’s their “staff”, and will not be the last. 

Photo: Facebook @firstpetsnc

Thank you to the Governor and family for accepting the precious baby into their home.

We look forward to many more adventures of the “FURst family”!!! 


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