Trio Of Stray Kitten Siblings Finally Saved From Predators By Dedicated Popular Cat Rescuer

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Chris Poole, a.k.a. Cat Man Chris, is at it again–as usual. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for the felines of world that he’s dedicated to saving! Sadly, they need all the help they can get. That was no different for a trio of kittens that eventually found themselves tucked safely into traps by the cat daddy. Unfortunately, this litter of stray kitten siblings had begun with four fluffy babes. But when Chris battled with raccoons and opossums daily during feeding times and then spotted a coyote in the area, he knew time was running out for the family.

It took Chris a month to finally trap the sly trio of stray kittens! 

But he never gave up. Not even with all the other rescues Chris was involved with outside of the normal day-to-day “cat” duties. And those were some pretty life altering, long-distance rescues!

These felines were living only a few miles away from Chris at one of colonies he cares for, but seemed to be unreachable. The first time he saw them, they were just inside a gated area in a local industrial site. But it was locked and he had no way to gain entry until the daytime hours. And of course, stray and feral cats aren’t that keen on hanging out during the daily commotion of a loud work site.

For these cuties though, they were still nursing on their mother, and had no NEED to venture out at all.

So they stayed tucked away, just out of Chris’s reach, emerging at the most inopportune times. He returned each night to feed the colony and make sure mama cat was well fed and healthy. He’d get the kittens–and mom–as soon as he could ensure all their safety. 

And no, Chris was not going to jump the gates and fencing to gain entry to the restricted area either. Not only is it illegal, you never know what dangers are lurking in the dark on a job site. Chris is totally the guy who would find every upturned nail to step on. 

But as I mentioned, the man-made trash wasn’t as concerning to Chris as what he spotted during the long nights.

The trio were in serious danger of disappearing just as their fourth sibling had done.

Raccoons, opossum and coyote all frequented the industrial park.

Finally, on the night of Thursday November 7th, Chris was rewarded for his dedication. And in true manly form, Survivor’s epic tune “Eye Of The Tiger” was playing when the trap door dropped. So this little one was named Rocky.

Got me another one! This lil cutie is from the industrial site; 4 kittens total. Zero sightings of the other 3 tonight, but 4 big raccoons and a possum stealing food as usual.

This kitten is the one I’ve seen the most and I was able to pet him while eating and hand grab him. He’s obviously scared, but no swatting or hissing, so think he’ll socialize up fast ?

If you’re in Tampa and want a new house guest, just let us know!

#fosteringsaveslives #catmanchris #handpluckedoffthestreets #momorescaryraccoons

It took almost no time at all for Rocky to realize that he’s made the right move…or didn’t make any move to run in his case!

New Kitten Rescue!

I (Cat Man Chris) snagged this little guy thursday night, yesterday he was scared… today he "broke" and now wants as much attention as possible! :)Hoping to catch his siblings tonight and then fingers crossed can find a foster home for them while we get them vetted and ready for adoption…. if you're in the Tampa area and want some cute new house mates, let me know <3*Also what should we name him?#FosteringSavesLives #CatManChris #CuteKittens

Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Saturday, November 9, 2019

I can attest that the feeling was mutual as well, and Rocky was a welcome visitor to us all. And he was thrilled when he learned that a scratchy 5 o’clock shadow on Chris’s chin was like magic fingers to a cat!

Rocky Saved from the Streets ❤️

Meet Rocky, I rescued him and his siblings of the streets a couple of weeks ago… as you can see he quickly turned from "feral" to friendly :)Luckily after we fostered them for a week Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue offered to take them into their family <3Rocky, Bullwinkle and Miss Moose are all doing well, they'll be fully vetted and adopted out in the future… purrlease go LIKE their page and if you can send some love their way with a donation that would be PAWSOME!Thank You and Happy Furiday! ?#FosteringSavesLives #CatManChris #FiveDollarFriday

Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Friday, November 22, 2019

Two days later, two more kittens joined Rocky in the Catty Shack and the trio was complete. 

Chris was overjoyed to share the news on the Cat Man Chris Facebook Page

Managed to snag Rocky’s siblings despite the 4 raccoons being a BIG pain in the butt! These two aren’t quite as friendly as Rocky yet, but I’m confident they’ll come around fairly quickly.

I haven’t seen the 4th kitten, but will obviously be feeding every night and keeping an eye out… and then TNR’ing all the cats!

So while he began the daunting task of finding a foster home for these three sweet kittens, we snapped as many photos as possible. Rocky is legit one of the cutest fosters we’ve had so it wasn’t a difficult job. 

All tucked in and cozy, Rocky is on the right and doing great. The grey kitten on the left is getting better and eating from my hand and accepting pets. The middle kitten is still super scared but accepting head rubs. Just gotta keep at it 🙂

I think Rocky’s pawsitive energy is helping them feel more at ease ? Still no sign of their sibling though. =(

But these new kittens needed names too. And what rolls off the tongue better with “Rocky” then “Bullwinkle”?! Okay yes, rocky road, but after that. So his grey tabby brother was named Bullwinkle and their shier little sister, dubbed Miss Moose. Because it was fun to say, and that’s how it works here. LOL

Although it took about a week, it was a bittersweet day when a wonderful woman opened her doors to the furry fosters. 

On Saturday, November 16th, we received the confirmation that the trio would be off to a nice, indoor foster home.

Here they would truly learn how to cat within a safe and loving home. 

Tomorrow a PAWSOME volunteer with Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue is taking them to foster, get vetted and ready for adoption!

This means I can clean the Catty Shack out and then go trap their Mom and other adult cats at the industrial site and the mission will hopefully be complete… FINALLY!!

#teamwork #ittakesavillage #catmanchris #fosteringsaveslives #cutekittens

He did just that too, proudly sharing his successes with his supporters. 

Said farewell to Rocky, Bullwinkle and Miss Moose today, thanks Diana with @purrrfectangelscat for taking them in ❤

Cleared out the Catty Shack, prepped my traps, then managed to snag 3 of the 4 cats at the same location…including the Mom of the 3 kittens, who was very tricky!

She was very trap savvy, and we had raccoons getting in the way as well, so I had to set up the drop trap and break out the sardines to finally get her. No more kittens for you lady!

Kittens have been appearing and disappearing at this location for literally YEARS… so glad I’m finally putting an end to the cycle of suffering ?

#stopthecycleofsuffering #catmanchris #spay #neuter #TNR

The kittens all began to blossom, finally knowing what it meant to be loved.

The lucky trio no longer have to worry about raccoons, opossums, coyotes or work site dangers.

They no longer have to scrounge for food and fight for their lives. And in about a week, they will all be ready for adoption. 

But as luck would have it, Bullwinkle’s already been pre-adopted! Bully for you! LOL See what I did there?

So now, please help us in finding a home for Rocky and Miss Moose–ideally together! With her shy nature, Moose would likely transition into a forever home more smoothly with her brother by her side. He is her “Rock”!

Please follow Purrrfect Angels Cat Rescue on social media to watch their journey continue. If you are interested in adopting any of their deserving felines, please visit their website HERE.


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Photo: Cole and Marmalade

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