Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are Purrfectly Adorable

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As we know, there are cat lovers all over the world far and wide. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty cool cat lover destinations across the United States. But it seems that now there’s a cat temple I must go to should I ever find myself in Kyoto, Japan.

Appropriately known as the Meow Meow Temple in English, the Nyan Nyan Ji Temple is completely dedicated to the feline kind. This is a unique must-see for any true cat lover who happens to find themselves in Kyoto. Or purrhaps schedule a visit simply because you love cats!

Meet Koyuki: Head priestess and cat monk of the Njan Njan Ji Cat Temple

(Just look at this face! She’s one true feline priestess…)

cat priestess

Along with the gorgeous little priestess, there are a number of other felines on the premises—along with everything else dedicated to all things cats. Koyuki loves greeting the many people who visit this Japanese cat temple. Inside the temple, there is also food and beverages offered. Which, of course, are all cat themed.

The priestess’ human told Bored Panda: “This temple was opened by painter Toru Kaya with the theme of this favorite cat.

It seems that the go-to cat lover destination is praised by patrons on social media, check out some of their cool pics of the cat temple courtesy of TripAdvisor…

If you’d like to keep up with the cat priestess, you can follow her on Instagram here! You can also find the cat temple of Japan on Facebook here!

I don’t know about you, but I want to go to this place simply to meet the cat priestess, I just love how she turns on the cat sass charm in all her photos! Such a beautiful white cat she is, and a highly regarded priestess of her very own temple! Oh la la!

I bet you know other cat lovers out there that would get a kick out of this adorable cat temple. So don’t forget to share it with them to brighten their day. We could all use a smile, especially when it comes from cats!


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