VIDEO: The Kitten Snatcher! – Cat Man Chris

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Kittens, kittens, kittens… they’re everywhere!

These 3 cuties suddenly appeared at the apartment complex I’ve been trapping at a few months ago… I guess I didn’t get to Mum soon enough!

It’s always a tough call on what to do when you discover kittens, if they’re younger they’re much better off with their Mum, but then you’re running the risk of them being killed by other predators in the wild. Which is why there’s always such a huge demand for bottle feeders for younger kittens that have been taken from their Mums to ensure they survive.

Luckily these 3 were older and weaning from their Mums milk to solid food so I decided to grab them and get them to safety ?

Thanks again to SPCA in Lakeland Florida for helping me out, purrlease get involved and help foster if you can!

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