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Heroic Fireman’s Smile After Saving Family Cat Is Warming Hearts

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When an emergency strikes, we are thankfully to know there are men and women who are there to help. First responders from every field pull together in the hopes of saving the lives of complete strangers. For those strangers, the worst day of their lives may not turn out as devastating as it could have been. But the moment everything changes. And even as a small bit of relief washes over everyone, it’s rarely caught on camera. Terrifying raging fires are extinguished, but an occasionally relieved smile can be seen if you’re lucky.

So when the fireman who’d just saved a families cat let out a smile of relief caught on camera, the world smiled with him. 

The incident occurred in Jacksonville, Florida after a blaze extinguished. Firefighters were informed that there was still a cat in the home! So Eng Shawn Fallon of the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department entered the charred debris. Acting quickly, he was in search of the 4 legged family member, a sweet black feline. 

Surprisingly, he actually found a wet and terrified house panther hiding under a couch!

Fallon easily grabbed the stunned kitty. He gently raced it outside to administer oxygen, water and access its’ injuries. 

And when Fallon looks up at the fire crew, family and bystanders gathered with a beaming smile on his face, they knew the cat was okay. 

When a beloved family member’s future is unknown, that smile means more than anything. 

That smile is life. Literally.

Although it may not be the most intense of the raging fires the crew respond to. It may be the most heartwarming. 

Thank you so much to all the first responders across the globe that help initiate smiles such as these!

Photos property of Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department


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