Kitten Almost Left Behind After Sibling Saved 24 Hours Earlier!

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Firefighters from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder fire station in Australia were overjoyed after they rescued a young kitten from between two walls on Monday. 

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

But then they received another call after a woman heard meowing STILL coming from the narrow opening between the walls. There was another kitten who had been hiding throughout the entire rescue of it’s sibling!

Knowing it was beyond lucky that these kittens were even heard as their tiny meows echoed off the brick walls, the fireman resolved to stop at nothing to get them both out safely.

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

The trio of heroes spent over an hour and a half devising a plan to reach the kitten. She was trapped almost 15 feet down from the roof of the building. It is likely the 2 kittens were playing and feel into the abyss as there was no visible way in or out of the small space.

They were finally able to duct tape two long poles together with a net attached to the end. Carefully lowering it down into the opening, they hoped the kitten wouldn’t retreat into it’s unknown hiding place, avoiding capture. The tiny grey fluff-ball could be seen watching the men from below with her scared little eyes.

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

And luckily they were finally able to scoop the cutie up!

She was taken to the local RSPCA Goldfields and will be given a full exam. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have any injuries. 

The little girl was named “Lucky” by the fireman who were thrilled that the 8-week-old kitten was saved after spending at least 24 hours in the gap. 

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

A bit feisty at first, the brave kitten settled down after she realized she was safe in the arms of caring people. 

Lucky will be reunited with her sibling who was caught the day prior and both will settle into a foster home until they are vetted and ready for adoption.  

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

Thankfully the workers from the business had their “listening ears” on and will know to always keep an eye open for animals in the area. They did the right thing by contacting the professionals to handle the situation too as it can be very dangerous to attempt animal rescues

Best of luck to Lucky and her litter-mate for a safe and happy future! 

Photo:; Kalgoorlie Miner

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  1. Curious kittens will end up in precarious positions. So very glad that the second kitten was heard and then rescued. Thank you all.

  2. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as sexy as big strong rough & tough men, who scramble to save and then bust out in huge grins for teeny tiny kittys. Love the one pic where the middle guy looks like hes thinking “my kitty” and the guy on the left reached over, like “Hey, it’s my kitty too” (yes I have too much time on my hands) while the guy on the right looks as proud as he had saved a baby from a burning house. You basically did, dude. Well done boys!

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