Black Cat Makes Rescuers Work To Save Her Not Once, But Twice!

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A fluffy, long haired black cat decided being saved once was not enough. After being pulled from a dangerous position the first time, she ran right back into her safe spot as soon as she was out of her rescuers hands!

Photo Courtesy: Cindy Gaffney, ASAP

Animal Control was contacted when the feral cat was seen hanging out on the wheel of a semi-trailer in Northern Illinois. The cat had sadly been in the wheel well for 5 days before they were called!

The officers were able to pull the cat out successfully. But then, for unknown reasons that we were unable to confirm, witnesses said that when they were told it was a feral, they simply let the cat free again?!?! This was when it ran right back up into the wheel well.

Photo Courtesy: Cindy Gaffney, ASAP

So employees at the Woodstock Furniture Store in Woodstock, Illinois called in another team that handles feral cats specifically; Animal Services Assistance Program or ASAP. Cindy Gaffney of ASAP knew that she and their volunteers would be able to assist the cat and provide exactly what the feline needed. 

When they arrived at the location, they discovered the tight spot the cat had retreated to and knew they were in for a challenge!

Photo Courtesy: Cindy Gaffney, ASAP

The cat had managed to squeeze into an area on the tire where a large iron plate was hanging vertically from the top of the wheel well. This left a gap only about 3 inches wide in which to work. 

Cindy crawled under the truck, shifting and maneuvering so that she could literally push the cat off of the tire and onto the inside of the axle. She then had enough room to grab the frightened cat.

That is all the cat was too – frightened. Not at all feral! 

Working with feral cats and rescues, ASAP began their mission in 2001 to reduce the number of free-roaming stray and abandoned cats. Since then they have TNR’d (Trap-Neuter-Returned) over 10,000 cats and over 1,500 cats and kittens have found their furever homes! 

If anyone was able to recognize a feral vs. a scared stray cat, it was Cindy and the ASAP team. 

This fortunate girl was named Dixie and taken to the Pet Vet in Huntley, IL to be examined and then allowed to relax in peace. 

She is about a year and a half old and at least 3 pounds underweight for her age. Dixie can now get the attention and food she needs to grow healthy again. 

Once she is better she will join the other 100 cats and kittens in the rescue organizations’ care in the hopes she will find the purrfect family.

Hopefully this loving girl will likely have no issues with that! They may want to invest in a recycled tire bed for this girl though =)

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