Feral Cat Rescued From Dangerous 40 Foot High Perch After Being Stuck Overnight In Barn

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For one feral cat in McHenry, Illinois, his curiosity almost got him killed recently. His exploration of a large barn had led him to new heights in life. That ended up being a small alcove near the rooftop of a barn! 

Image: picsart.com ~ Barn in McHenry, IL winter

The cat was spotted late on Friday, February 22nd hiding over 40-feet above the ground!

We all know heat rises, and the temperature in McHenry reached a high of 30 degrees that day. Perhaps he had climbed up in search of more warmth. But now, he was tucked just below an old cupola, with no way out–but down. 

Those who found him couldn’t reach him. Anyone who may have the experience and equipment to reach him weren’t available because of the late hour. Staff and volunteers with Animal Services and Assistance Program, Inc., or ASAP, attempted to contact anyone they could think of. 

Sadly, they were forced to wait and the cat spent the overnight hours trapped in the precarious position. They had no idea how long he’d been up there or when he’d last eaten. It was heartbreaking to see his eyes shining in the night, with no way of reaching him.

Photo: @ASAPUSA ~ Curious Kitty

As the darkness crept in, the temperatures dropped in the frigid rural landscape. Three degrees, that was the overnight high. Don’t forget to factor the wind chill either, so it was definitely much colder. McHenry is actually my hometown so I can attest, it is a biting, pin-pricks on your skin type of wind chill. Let’s hope all the heat in the entire barn gravitated towards the prison-perch! 

With the rising sun, the cats chances of survival were still holding on, just as tightly as he likely was.

Saturday morning Mark’s Tree Service came to the rescue in the forms of Marco and Francisco.

Photo: @ASAPUSA ~ Heroes Marco and Francisco

The men quickly brought in the “big guns”, in the form of a very tall ladder. You can’t just prop up a ladder of that size though. With their experience, they rigged safety ropes and harnesses. The ladder was used more as a guide to ease climbing. Marco would be the one to scale the heights and try to get to the feline. 

Screenshot from Video: @ASAPUSA

In a happy outcome, he was able to quickly and safely reach the cat. It was important Marco calmly get him so that he didn’t jump to a horrible fate. Whether the cat was scared, too cold to move or had been injured, it allowed Marco to grab him easily. He was then placed into a pillowcase for the long decent to safety. 

Check out the rescue video. Forty feet up never looked so high before! 

The feral boy wasn’t overly excited about being around the fur-less humans.

Although his stomach must have been in charge, because he happily accepted a meal from them. They were able to give him an exam as well. Luck was on his side still and he checked out in good health. 

Unfortunately, he made it clear he was not allowing their help beyond that. Once they knew he was okay, he was released back to the barn. He’s got everything there he needs to stay warm and looked after going forward. Knowing he’s an adventurer, they did their best to “cat-proof” whatever makeshift ladder got him in that position in the first place. 

Screenshot from Video: @ASAPUSA ~ Waiting arms

There are many other toasty-toe bean areas of the barn, so hopefully those will appease him. Especially the ones closer to ground level!!! 

Thank you to ASAP for watching out for the feral and homeless cats! They may not want our love, but that’ll never stop organizations like ASAP from giving it <3


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