Feral Cat With Shocking Matted Fur Rescued!

Hendrix The Cat Saved Through TNR Efforts

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Sometimes working with feral cats and TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs can bring you the unexpected.

That is exactly what a local team in McHenry County, Illinois, experienced when they successfully trapped a feral cat in the community. Unfortunately the caretaker for the colony was not keeping up the maintenance and the animals needed to be removed, stating they had become a nuisance.

The final cat to be caught by the neighbors was transferred to ANIMAL SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS, INC. or ASAP in Marengo, IL as a feral. However, the cat they named Hendrix was not like other feral cats.

3 of the matted clumps that were removed from Hendrix…

Hendrix is a long haired cat. Sadly, in the wild, many long haired cats are unable to keep up with self-grooming and their hair becomes severely matted.

Shockingly, the photos show what happened to him after approximately 4-5 months of matting! This caused his tail to stick to his bottom, making it difficult for him to go to the bathroom.

Hendrix was taken to Pet Vet Animal Clinic and Mobile Practice, Ltd, where he was put under anesthesia and carefully trimmed and clipped. As you can imagine, this condition also creates multiple skin sores that needed treatment.

Looking and feeling much better after his haircut

He is currently residing at ASAP while his surely beautiful fur grows back. Many feral cats that are TNR’d are deemed un-adoptable due to their aggressive natures and must be returned to their colony or another suitable location, such as a barn.

From the video below, we think Hendrix will eventually be quite happy as a house cat! There he will be able to receive the attention and grooming that he deserves =)

We know Hendrix was born and lived as a feral. It is amazing how just a little bit kindness is rewarded with trust so quickly.

Posted by ANIMAL SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS, INC. on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thank you to Animal Services and Assistance Programs, Inc for helping Hendrix! If you would like to donate to help cats like Hendrix


It is cats like Hendrix we help. We do it because it the right thing to do whether feral or friendly they deserve kindness.” – ASAP

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