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  • 172 Cats, 1 Man Saved In Overwhelming New Jersey Hoarding Situation

    Asking for help is something that many humans struggle with doing.  Thankfully, an elderly man in New Jersey made the difficult step to finally ask for help with the more than 170 cats living on his property.   Sadly, his wife had passed away almost 2 years prior, leaving the grieving 80-year-old widower to manage […] More

  • Kitten Plummets From The Sky After Attacked By Bird Of Prey!

    Occasionally, odd things fall from the sky, even unfortunate ground dwelling animals! Although not as bizarre as a 600 pound cow falling on a car …yes that DID happen, smaller animals are often in the same plight. One of the most common small animals that may find themselves in this situation are poor tiny kittens. […] More

  • Raggedy Ann – A survivor of animal hoarding

    Saving One Life is doing its part to help felines suffering from abusive situations, so they can find happiness. Raggedy Ann was rescued from what is known as an animal hoarding situation in Yuma, AZ.  Police and animal control found Raggedy Ann and 40 other felines living in deplorable conditions in a double wide trailer. The […] More