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  • best friends

    Tiny Kitten Becomes Best Friends With Big Dog After Being Found All Alone

    We’ve long-since denounced that old adage that says cats and dogs are sworn enemies. There are plenty of cats and dogs that live peacefully with the same families, but few of those relationships are as special as this one. When a family found a tiny stray kitten alone on their farm, their big senior dog […] More

  • free feeding

    Free Feeding Versus Meal Feeding: Is One Method Better For Your Cat?

    Once you find a healthy cat food your cat actually enjoys, you have another big decision to make regarding feline nutrition. You have to decide on a feeding routine that fits both your household’s schedule and your cat’s picky personality. There are two main options to consider: meal feeding and free feeding. To make your […] More

  • Why Cats Headbutt, And Should You Headbutt Them Back?

      Does this sound familiar? Your cat jumps into your lap, and instead of getting cozy, she bops her head against your chin, cheek, or forehead. Sometimes she includes a quick rub (doing her best to get fur all in your mouth), and sometimes she hits so hard it actually hurts. The encounter lasts only […] More

  • Beware Of Lily Poisoning—One Bite Could Kill Your Cat

    With 90 different kinds, lilies are one of the most popular household flowers. We adorn our tables with beautiful day lilies for Easter, and trumpet lilies bring bursts of color to outdoor gardens.They’re gorgeous to look at, but these stunning blooms pose a serious risk to all cats. From the pretty petals to the leaves […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

    Cats are masters at awkward staring. They train their pretty peepers on a favorite person, and it could be several minutes before they blink or look away. It’s like they’re staring into our souls and watching every move we make. It can be heartwarming as well as a little unnerving, but have you ever wondered […] More

  • urinary tract infections in cats

    6 Signs Of Urinary Tract Infections In Cats

    Urinary tract infections in cats are one of the leading reasons why cat moms and dads rush their feline family members to the vet. Urinary disease is excruciatingly painful, and it can lead to several other serious health issues. And while we all want to keep our cats healthy, we have a big problem. Cats […] More

  • new grumpy cat

    The World Has A New Grumpy Cat, And She’s Grumpier Than Ever

    We all mourned when the Internet’s most famous cat passed away in May 2019. Tardar Sauce, better known by Grumpy Cat, inspired smiles with her adorably grumpy nature and an endless stream of memes. No cat could ever replace that Internet legend, but we’ve recently been introduced to another feline with star potential. Her name […] More

  • kitty wheelchair

    ‘Turbo Joe’ Has A New Kitty Wheelchair, Now He Needs A New Family

    Every cat has its own story to tell, and a kitten named ‘Turbo Joe’ has a story about perseverance and second chances.The cute ginger tabby was found last fall after he was reportedly hit by a car. He was paralyzed from the waist down and forced to drag his back legs in order to move. […] More

  • rainbow bridge

    How To Mend Your Heart After The Death Of A Beloved Cat

    When your cat is your family, you feel their loss as deeply as you would with any other loved one. They were with you every day, for both the good and the bad. Your cat was your sounding board when you were upset, your cuddle buddy on cozy nights, and your best friend no matter […] More

  • Bazooka tabby cat

    35-Pound Tabby Named Bazooka Is On His Way To A Healthier Life

    Full of fluff and chonk, Bazooka is one cat whose story isn’t exactly what it seems. It only takes one look to know this oversized ginger tabby is something special. Tipping the scales at a whopping 35 pounds, Bazooka is impossible to miss. He arrived at the Wake County SPCA last week, and his picture […] More

  • Man Caught Trafficking Rare And Endangered Exotic Cats Into The U.S.

    U.S. law restricts the trade of exotic animals for good reason. These are the animals that are born to be wild and free, but for one reason or another, humans seek them out as pets. There are extremely few scenarios where exotic animals can live safely and happily in the human world. A rescue puma […] More

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