Cat Lost For 6 Months Turns Up At Local Cat Cafe; Overjoyed Owner Sees Him On Facebook!

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June 2018 was a sad time for 20-year-old student Andrew Humphreys. He was on vacation when he received a panicked call from his pet sitter. His black and white male cat, Hank had escaped and couldn’t be found. For the next few weeks, Andrew and his friends did all they could to find him. They did manage to spot him once.

“We went looking for him, went door to door, put up flyers, and posted adds on Facebook. We physically saw him once, however we couldn’t quite grab him and get him in the car to take back home.”

Photo: @RegalCatCafe ~ Hank’s missing poster

After a couple of months with no updates, he had to accept that Hank may not be coming home. 

Life moved on around him and Andrew focused on his schoolwork and mourned for his lost cat. 

Then one evening in January 2019, Andrew was sitting at his desk fighting the urge to procrastinate on his studies. Failing for just a moment, he turned on his laptop and decided to scroll through his Facebook feed. Whether it was fate intervening or dumb-luck, the first thing that Andrew saw was Hank’s familiar face! 

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

Hank’s Journey

At an undisclosed feral feeding station in Alberta, Canada, a new arrival was welcomed in November 2018. 

The beautiful black and white “cow” cat showed up one day among the pack of feral/stray felines. The feeding station was manned by a gentleman who is a longtime MEOW Foundation supporter. 

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

Founded in 2000, MEOW Foundation is a specialized cat-focused registered charity and humane society with a no-kill mandate. In addition to our Rescue and Adoption program, MEOW Foundation offers a subsidized Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Cat Food Assistance Program and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program for cats living in the Calgary community. –

After a few weeks of feeding him, it was clear to the man that the cat was too happy and chill to remain a stray. He was able to trap him soon after and brought him to their veterinarian for a checkup. The male cat was about a year and a half old. They named him Jules and he was as sweet as could be.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

Sadly, he not yet been fixed or microchipped and he was considered a stray. No one came forward during the holding period and he was taken in by the MEOW Foundation. They’d microchip, neuter and vaccinate him and then he’d be ready for adoption.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

Once the time came, they all knew he was the perfect cat for their partners at the Regal Cat Cafe. 

Jules made the move to the cafe around January 13th.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

He quickly became a favorite for visitors and followers on social media. He was also a wonderful demonstrator of their offered yoga class benefits!

Photo: @RegalCatCafe ~ Is this the Panter Pose?

Jules is a handsome fellow who we love to call a ‘cow kitty’ due to his beautiful markings. This guy makes his rounds around the Kitty Kingdom about once an hour to greet his new friends before retiring to his cozy perch.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe
If you’re lucky, he will even give you nice bumps as he passes by. If you’re looking for a sweet and handsome kitty in your life, come on by for a visit and meet Jules. ❤️ #adoptdontshop

Oddly though, he was not immediately scooped up by an adopter! Fate again intervening?! It was in those few days of Jules remaining at the cat cafe that allowed for his gorgeous mug to grace their Facebook page. 

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

Back to January 20th and a shocked Andrew–now with NO desire to begin his original task of studying! 

Seeing the photo of Hank on the cafes page, he instantly knew it was his missing cat. With the rare markings there was no question about it. It had been 6 months though!!! That means Hank had been through half a year of who knows what! Andrew shared the post with his friends who confirmed his suspicions and went to the cafe right away. 

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

In an interview with in Calagry, Humphreys said, “He saw me, and he came right up and let me hold him and he kind of just flopped in my arms. I never thought we’d see him again.”

It took a week to complete the MEOW Foundations required adoption steps and confirm Hanks identity.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

The two were officially reunited and Hank went home on Monday, January 28th.

With word of the heartwarming moment spreading like wildfire in the community, it even made the local news. That’s the kind of quality content we’d certainly tune in for! 

Now Hank is back with his willing human servant. Hopefully his desire for adventure and danger is out of his system! 

“He hasn’t left my side since being home”, Andrew shared with us.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

It took a team of miracle workers to reunite these two, and it’s something they do every day–with our without the gratitude they deserve.

Without the work of dedicated TNR workers, feral cat colony caretakers, foster homes and rescue organizations, these cats would die on the streets. Cat cafe atmospheres allow cats to flourish and interact with the public. Many more “unadoptable” cage cats find homes in these comfy cafes.

Photo: @RegalCatCafe

As Calgary’s first cat cafe, Regal Cat Cafe, opened on June 24, 2017.

Husband and wife team, Kevin and Tia Wieler, “wanted to make a pawsitive impact on the local community. We looked to our four kitties at home, and found the inspiration to bring this concept to life.”

“Regal Cat Cafe has helped find homes for more than 330 cats and can house up to 12 adoptable cats at a time. The cafe is open seven days a week and a 45-minute “Kitty Visit” costs $10 per person.”


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