Trapper Asked To Help Catch A Stray Cat; Who Just Happens To Look Like A Wolf!

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Cat Man Chris (Poole), dad to “celebricats” Cole and Marmalade, spends every spare moment trying to help cats. Scratch that–it’s a full time job! Bravely going where many refuse to go, he willingly gets in the trenches when involved in TNR efforts. Chris keeps a spare trap along with rescue and feral feeding supplies in car. You know, just in case he comes across any cats in need. 

He received a call on January 23rd though, that even in his extensive feline experience, was a first.

“I got a call today about this cat in need of help–originally, it was reported to the Fish and Wildlife Dept as a bobcat. I could tell right away that it wasn’t, but it definitely looked different!”

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

Chris rushed over to the address and was able to find the feline right away. Spooked, the cat ran into a fenced backyard. Chris could see the cat moving further and further from him but couldn’t get to him. He could see that the cat was definitely in need of assistance and medical attention. 

“The poor guy isn’t in good shape at all and very skinny. As you can see he has some sort of skin issue going on with is face–OR he could be the unique “werewolf” breed cat?!”

Although he eluded him that night, Chris was determined to help the suffering cat–no matter what breed. Rescued is the best breed after all, right?! 

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

The next afternoon, Chris returned to face his new challenge with high hopes. 

By 4:30 pm, the cat was safely in the trap. 

When Chris was finally able to get a good look, the poor guy had been much worse off than he thought. He would stay the night on Chris’s porch–out of the cold and safe, where he could finally begin to heal. 

“This poor guy is a mess, bleeding from his behind, wheezing, severely ingrown claws, at the vet now ready to make him feel better ❤”

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

They estimated the 8 to 10-year-old male, un-neutered cat had been through quite an sad ordeal. He’s not 100% Lykoi cat, but he may have some in his genes!

After the official exam, Wolfie, as the vet’s office called him, was found to be suffering from a few things.

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

He was absolutely covered in fleas and having allergic reactions to them. So much so, that the vet gave him an internal medication that kills fleas almost immediately. On top of that, they added the topical flea treatment just for good measure. 

Wolfies claws were extremely ingrown and now infected. The doctors lightly sedated him and trimmed them as far back as they safely could

They then soaked his paws in iodine to begin combating the infection. With the pain on his paws, he must have been hunching down to stay warm and didn’t move around much. Due to this, he developed sores on the back of his legs. This is why Chris was seeing blood. 

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

His eyes, ears and nose were also infected. While he was mildly sedated, they thoroughly cleaned his ears and applied medicine. He was found to have conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pinkeye, and was given a prescription for eye drops. Always fun to have to do to an unfamiliar cat who you just trapped! Wolfie was also congested and wheezing loudly. He was given an antibiotic shot and yet another prescription.

Last but not least, he has dental issues. Wolfie only has 6 teeth left and will need future dental work. Even eating was painful for him. 

Photos property of Cole and Marmalade

Thankfully, there was good news that accompanied the poor boys misery. 

“Even though this is horrible, I’m glad he didn’t have any more serious internal injuries, I thought he may have been hit by a car. The BEST news is that he tested negative for everything on the SNAP test which tests for FIV, Feline Leukemia and heart worms!! 

“He hasn’t been neutered and we scanned for a microchip and didn’t find one (I’m VERY glad we didn’t) … my thoughts are that he was owned by someone who was maybe trying to breed him. He was neglected for a long time since it takes a long time for claws to get that bad–if he was a straight up street cat, all the walking around they do and scratching on trees keeps them pretty short.”

Wolfie’s story is one that we may never know the first few chapters. Chris reminds us though, sometimes that’s a good thing! 

“He ended up on the streets somehow. Either he was dumped by his owner or the family of his owner after he/she passed away or he escaped? … I’d love to know his story, but it would more than likely make me very mad.

Photo property of Cole and Marmalade

Followers on Chris’s social media pages were anxiously awaiting an update on the “wolf cat” the next morning. 

Fortunately Chris had partnered up again with St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. Working together on numerous TNR rescues, St. Francis helped socialize, foster and adopt these lucky cats. A foster mom had already stepped up to help the cat! She’d be picking him up that morning.

Ever since Chris’s original post on Facebook, dedicated followers were ready to show their support. St. Francis and Chris have been blessed with cat lovers helping to raise funds that save these desperate cats. Like the many others, Wolfie was no different, no matter the color of his fur. 

Amazingly, through 191 people’s generous donations, they raised just under $5000 for his medical costs, current and some future!

Photo property of Cole and Marmalade ~ I promise! That IS his happy face!

And what a bright future Wolfie now has in front of him. Or Logan. Or whichever the followers on the Cole and Marmalade and Cat Man Chris pages choose in the poll to officially name him!!! 

“He’s a VERY sweet dude, enjoyed having his head rubbed and meowed a few times when his new foster mom came to pick him up, hope he sleeps in peace and warmth today”.

Luckily, his foster mom Tabatha Norton, keeps us all updated on his status and new photos online. 

“He’s eating well and enjoying attention, especially when I use a warm cloth to wipe away his nose and eye boogies, he leans into it 

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Nelson

January 29th was his follow-up appointment at the vet.

His wounds and paws are healing great. He does still seem to be congested with eye “goop” so his medications were adjusted and anti-virals were added. Tabatha even put him in a nebulizer chamber to try and help. That’s dedication! 

Once the meds were able to help a bit on his eyes, he was diagnosed with entropion–the inward rolling of the eyelid where the eyelashes irritate the eye. The vet said this could be temporary (she hopes) from the swelling and will go down, they also took blood samples again.

“Overall our boy is getting better by the day and he even purred once during petting yesterday! And he has already gained a pound!”

Be sure to follow the story if you haven’t been. We’re sure his adventure will have a happy ending now!

The bottom line is he’s feeling much better than he was yesterday, he has a full belly and a warm bed with a good foster Mom! We will make sure the second half of his life is lived in luxury surrounded by people who love him 


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