Deaf Cat Brings Smiles To Grieving Widow Who Shares His Disability

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When you lose a loved one, sometimes the pain is so deep you are not sure if you’ll ever smile again. For seventy-year-old Elaine, she suffered a broken heart not once, but twice, in a short period of time. Shortly after the death of her beloved husband, her cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge as well. The grieving widow was utterly devastated.

“I’d lost my last cat and my husband within a very short time of each other and it hit me very hard. I cried buckets – especially over the cat,” Elaine told Cats Protection of the UK.

Her days were now met with tears and sadness, grieving for the love of her life as well as her precious kitty.

A new cat could not replace the love her late cat provided, but it could certainly help to mend a broken heart and hopefully give her a reason for living again.

When she went to Cats Protection–because Elaine is an awesome advocate for adopt, don’t shop!–she fell in love with Sam instantly…

“When Cats Protection told me Sam had hearing problems I replied ‘So what – I’m profoundly deaf! I wear two hearing aids, it’s just one of those things’. Anyway, if people annoy me I can always turn them off.”

Image Courtesy of The Mirror UK

As a part of the joint collaboration with Purina and Cats Protection referred to as the ‘Adoptable Stories’ campaign, they have highlighted some of the best of the best stories to warm people’s hearts and remind everyone that every cat is adoptable:

Purina has been the charity’s partner for over 30 years and is a huge advocate of pet adoption. Through this campaign we want to highlight that no matter whether they have medical conditions, are a little older, or just a bit shy, every cat deserves to find their perfect match, as we believe no cat is unadoptable.

In fact, it’s actually some cats’ seemingly ‘Unadoptable’ qualities that make them the perfect match for someone looking for something special. We tell the story of three of these cats and owners, all of whom found their perfect match.

From the moment that they first met, Elaine knew in her heart that Sam was the cat for her.

Instantly they became inseparable, and just as cats do, he’s found a way to help her heal and allowed her to love again: “I’d like to think he knew I needed a friend – he was so affectionate.”

“And he keeps me on my toes. I wish I could keep up, but he’s got four paws and I’ve only got two legs!”

We are so grateful for the amazing people at Cats Protection who dedicate their time to helping cats in need in the UK. Each year, they help nearly 200,000 cats and kittens with their network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres.

A History of The Cats Protection…

Image Courtesy of Cats Protection

If you’d like to follow them on Facebook, you can find them here. You can also find them online at

To see the other cats who were selected as part of the Unadoptable Stories campaign, check them out here!


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