Two Infant Kittens Rescued From Trash Bin

Help the rescue team name these lucky siblings!

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Two 3 week old kittens were found grievously discarded in a trash bin outside of a business in Escondido, CA yesterday evening. Fortunately a kind soul who works with a local rescue group, Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) through their barn cat program, discovered the duo. They contacted the rescue organization and the team immediately sprang to action to save the fragile souls.

The fortunate infants are one male, white kitten and one female, calico kitten.

The precious fur-babies were in desperate need of the purrfect foster home that would be able to care for the youngsters, including bottle feeding every 2-3 hours. This is not an easy task and few are willing to undertake the commitment. Even with LYFF supplying all necessary food and supplies, it is a tense time in the rescue community waiting to find a safe and loving environment that will accept bottle feeding kittens into their home.

With their dedicated team and supportive fans, LYFF were able to secure an emergency foster family for the two petite felines that very day! Not only do they have the care and attention from experienced foster parents, they have some miniature humans helping them thrive too. Both kittens are in good health and starting to eat on their own already. The photos are heartwarming to say the least!

Now Love Your Feral Felines is asking their fans for help again…this time in naming the two fortunate fur-babies! Please visit their Facebook page through the link below to suggest the purrfect name for this adorable pair.

We wish the kittens all the luck in the world and hope they live long, happy lives indoors where they’ll never be treated like garbage again <3

Sharing is caring!

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