Purrfectly Matched Soul Mates Rescue Each Other!

Madden and Moon – A boy and his cat

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There are times in life when we find the stars aligning perfectly and the thing that we desire most appears within our reach. Our dreams are answered and all is right with the world. This is exactly what happened to mom Christina Humphreys from Oklahoma, when she stumbled across a social media post of a unique cat up for adoption.

The 2-year-old cat, originally named Valentine, had been rescued by Mending Spirits Animal Rescue in Mankato, Minnesota. What makes the fateful story so beautiful is that Christina’s 7-year-old son Madden, and the feline were BOTH born with a cleft lip and Heterochromia Iridium (different eye colors)!

Knowing just how much Madden would be able to relate to the special cat, she vowed to stop at nothing to bring the two together. Working with friends and caring strangers alike, the family secured the adoption. Christina, along with her 3 sons, set out on the 30 hour round trip excursion to pick up their newest family member!

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Madden was overjoyed meeting his new fur-brother and renamed the cat Moon. The kindred spirits immediately connected and Moon snuggled up to Madden without hesitation. They “knew they were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone.”

This is not Madden’s first time sharing his love and inspiration with the world however. About 10 months ago, he was an unfortunate victim of bullying on his school bus which began affecting how he viewed himself. He is known to be a usually outgoing, friendly and fun kid, so when his parents found out, they worked with him to change his perception on bullies. Once he was feeling back to his amazing self, he was eager to show everyone how special he is in this inspiring video.

Meet Madden.Madden is an Owasso seven year old who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. To date, he has undergone a total of six surgeries, and has many more to go.Madden is usually spunky, outgoing, friendly, kind, and fun! Unfortunately, he had a bully on the school bus this year that started affecting how he felt about himself.When his parents found out, they worked to help change his perception on bullies.Now that he’s back to his normal spunky self, he’s eager for everyone to know that he’s special. He wants to remind the world that being a “poophead” to someone really isn’t cool, as he shows you in his video…….Then, if you feel like it, share his message with others.

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If somebody’s being mean to you, be nice to them. Because the most unlovable people need love the most” Madden wisely states.

Now that Madden and Moon have found each other, they are loving life together. Each day the family works to make Moon more comfortable in his new furever home. He gratefully showers them with love, snuggles and purrs in return. The magical gift that allowed these two precious souls to find each other is truly a wonder.

If you’d like to follow their journey, the family has started an Instagram page @MaddenandMoon ~ https://www.instagram.com/maddenandmoon/

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