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  • 172 Cats, 1 Man Saved In Overwhelming New Jersey Hoarding Situation

    Asking for help is something that many humans struggle with doing. Thankfully, an elderly man in New Jersey made the difficult step to admit he needed help. And it wasn’t just for himself. He finally found the courage to ask for assistance with the 172 cats living on his property. For those ready to be angry, […] More

  • Kitten-Proofing Your Home

    Welcoming a kitten into your home is bound to be exciting for both your family and your new pet. Since kittens are inclined to be curious, however, you’ll want to prepare your space in order to keep your pet safe and your belongings free from damage. Before you adopt a new pet, follow these five […] More

  • DIY Gingerbread House for Cats

    Due to Feline Interference, we can no longer have a Christmas Tree but that doesn’t stop us from making EPIC decorations for the holidays! Visit our winter wonderland and follow our easy DIY steps to “bake” your own cardboard gingerbread house this season! HERE ARE THE SUPPLIES WE USED: *Be sure to have adult supervision […] More